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HiTA 5 Download & Installation

iPhone iOS system installation
For Apple iPhone iOS users, please use the QR Code below to get HiTA 5 APP from Apple App Store.

iOS system minimum requirements: 14.0 or higher

Android System Installation
For Android users, please use the QR code below to get HiTA 5 APP from Google Play.

Or, use the QR code below to directly download the HiTA 5 apk installation file.

Android system minimum requirement: 6.0 or above
HiTA 5 introduction

HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app is an excellent companion for teachers in their teaching work and is mainly paired with the latest TEAM Model 5 products. Teachers can install this app on their smartphones to enhance the convenience of teaching applications, and the main applications are as follows:

  1. PowerPoint Clicker: Can be used as a remote control for presentations, use HiTA's page up/down button to control the HiTeach page or PowerPoint presentation page when teaching or presenting.
  2. Classroom Management: HiTA can be connected to HiTeach and operates wirelessly to use the most needed function in the classroom: pick-outs, timer, and group scoreboard.
  3. Photo transmission: You can instantly send multiple pictures stored on your phone to HiTeach or instantly take pictures and send them to HiTeach to use as teaching materials or do group work observation.
  4. Interactive teaching: Interactive Teaching: If combined with the IRS interactive response system function, it can remotely control the application of pop quiz, buzz-in, data statistics chart, flip cards, and other functions.
  5. Receiving message: Receiving Message: HiTA is the teacher's notification center. Information about learning, assignments, and assessments of teaching activities, as well as dynamic information about IES 5, Sokrates Channel, and authorization, can be tracked through HiTA.
  6. Login access pass: Login access pass: No need to remember the account and password, HiTA is the pass for all the applications of TEAM Model 5! Whether you are teaching in a classroom and want to connect with HiTeach 5 or 928, or like to access various applications of the IES 5, Sokrates Channel, Digital lesson observation, etc., you can log in by scanning the QR code with HiTA.
More about HiTA 5

•    HiTA 5 is only compatible with the login and HiTeach control of the TEAM Model 5 products, and is not compatible with the TEAM Model 3 products.
•    For users of the TEAM Model 3 products, including HiTeach 3 and IES 3, please use HiTA 3.