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HiTeach Question Setting Tool

HiTeach Question Setting Tool
How to download and use it?

"HiTeach Question Setting Tool" is a tool that can set the questions and answers required by HiTeach in advance when editing PPTX files in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you prepare the questions to use in PowerPoint beforehand, set the type of question (e.g., Single Answer Question, Multiple Answers Question, Buzz-in, etc.), answers, etc., then after importing this PPTX file into HiTeach for a formal presentation, the questions will automatically pop up when played to the preset pages, asking students, trainees or audience to answer.

The questions set by this tool software can be supported in HiTeach 5 and HiTeach 3. It is fully supported in HiTeach 3, while the latest HiTeach 5 only supports "Single Answer Question", "Multiple Answers Question", and "Buzz-in".

Download and Use

Before downloading and using, please pay attention to the software environment of your computer system to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Operating System and Software Requirements:

1 Windows 10, 64-bit system, x64-based processor version
2 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016/2019 or above

Using Method:

1. After downloading the zip file of "HiTeach Question Setting Tool", extract it, it will be called HiTeachPPTAddin_En.
2. Open the PPTX file to be set (must be a supported PowerPoint version).
3. Open HiTeachPPTAddin.exe in the HiTeachPPTAddin_En folder.
4. Set the question type. For "Quiz", you can set the answer time, single answer or multiple answers of multiple-choice questions, number of options, and correct answers; and "Buzz-in" means the students who click the fastest on their device (using IRS or Web IRS) can earn the right to speak/answer questions.

5. After the setting is completed, save the PPTX file.

6. In HiTeach 5, select Hi-->Local File-->Import in the toolbar, and select the PPTX file to be imported.

7. When the presentation in HiTeach reaches a page with a set question, the question will automatically pop up, allowing students to use IRS feedback devices or Web IRS to conduct activities.