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HiTeach Dual AI Gadgets License Extension!

Dear HiTeach Users,

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the experience activity of the HiTeach 5's AI Text Analysis AI Sokrates Summary Notice. To show our appreciation for your support, we have decided to extend the activity, allowing teachers to fully experience the dual AI gadgets.
*The free application and experience of this activity are subject to the organizer's right to make modifications, changes to the activity explanation, or cancel the activity without prior notice.

To apply for free or to extend for old users, please open the HiTA 5 APP on your smartphone, click the Explore tab, and then click to enter the Dual AI Gadgets application activity page. Please complete the personal information fields first, and then click the Experience Now button; if old users who have previously completed the fields for filling in their personal information can directly click the Experience Now button to complete a new application or extend  for one year.

Please note: When filling in personal information, if the name of your school or organization cannot be found, please click on the hyperlink to customer service and provide the information of your school or organization through email or Facebook Messenger contact information, including: Country /Region, province, city or county, unit type (elementary school, junior high school, high school, higher vocational school, college, government unit, enterprise organization, other), school or unit name, address and other information, we will review the information and establish it as soon as possible school or unit information. After confirmation, we will notify you of the processing results as soon as possible.
free-apply activity of the Dual AI gadgets (AI Text Analysis + AI Sokrates Summary Notice)