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2019 Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest Exhibition

Gathering International Top-notch Intelligent Teachers
2019 Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest Exhibition

All classic lessons can be viewed on the Sokrate channel
Create an exchange platform for educational leaders across the globe to share the developing experiences of intelligent schools, facilitate the development of intelligent schools and the exchange between intelligent cities. Intelligent teachers team up to participate in the facilitation of teachers’ professional growth systematically.

We invited the elite intelligent teachers from schools to team up for real-time open classroom observation, to exhibit the fruitful results regarding the professional development of teachers through AI and Big Data. We practice modern education concepts and promote intelligent models. The gala of intelligent education begins here, and we appreciate all excellent intelligent teachers who are invited to selflessly share their plausible classes.

Penglai Elementary School 

Blessed Imelda’s School 

    Create an exchange platform for intelligent teachers across the globe, carry out joint studies with education practitioners from countries of the PRC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Middles East, and share the developing experiences regarding intelligent classes.
    Exhibit how the application of data decision-making and AI intelligent coaches in intelligent classrooms help improve students’ studying results and create the model for teachers’ professional development.
    With the model of class design bearing different structures, provide an occasion for intelligent teachers to communicate and study, so as to brainstorm more abundant intelligent class models.
    Present the modernized and quality-oriented intelligent classes through the practices of intelligent education.
    Gather domestic and foreign masters for lecturing and preserve the classic intelligent classes.

Grading Standard
Each venue shall have three judges. The score of the event shall be collectively reviewed by three judges:
“On-sight Review by Judges + AI Socrates Teaching System” reviews the technological interaction and pedagogical application of classes.
   On-sight review reviews the teaching material practices and overall content of classes.
 Association professionals review the application of teaching strategies in intelligent classrooms.

Professional judges shall provide grade for six sub-items (synchronous differentiation, cooperative learning, data decision-making, technological interaction (T), pedagogical application (P), and class design (C)) on the basis of 100 as the full mark, in which the final score of teacher regarding sub-items of technological interaction and pedagogical application shall be formed by AI Socrates score (50%) + professional score (50%).

Individual Awards: Awards will be given on an individual basis according to the weighted results of the above three-party review. There is a total of six awards: Synchronous Differentiation Award, Cooperative Learning Award, Data Decision-Making Award, Pedagogical Application Award, Class Design Award, and Technological Interaction Award. A winning teacher will receive an award certificate, a trophy, and a prize of NT$10,000.
Team Awards: Spirit Award will be given to the team receiving the highest total scores from judges at all venues. The winning team will receive an award certificate.


Team Introduction



In order to build a global platform for smarter education exchange, the Association has held the "Global Technology Leadership and Teaching Summit Forum" since 2012. This year, it has entered the eighth year. Every year, hundreds of wisdom education experts and scholars from all over the world attend the conference. Share successful experiences at the peak stage of smart education and witness the practical results of smart education around the world.



All classic lessons can be viewed on the Sokrate channel