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Online Teacher Professional Development Forum E-TBL+AClassONE Web IRS


Topic :E-TBL+AClassONE Web IRS
Speaker: Mr. Jeric Lee (Consultant, Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute)
Friday, 29 May 2020 14:00-15:30 (GMT+8)  

Live broadcast on TEAM Model Smarter Classroom - TMSC (here to view) Facebook Fanpage

We welcome educators around the world to join us in this online teaching seminar and discussion

•Learn how to conduct HiTeachinteractive classes online
•Students’ participation live from home esaily
•Ability to replay the entire lesson for remediation

Educational Achievement
Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Distinction), National Institute of Edu
Diploma in Departmental Management, National Institute of Education
Leaders in Education Programme, National Institute of Education

Career Experience
Chinese Language Teacher Secondary School, College
Department Head (Chinese Language & InfoComm Technology)
Special Assistant, School Appraisal, Ministry of Education, Singapore
Vice Principal / Principal
Director, Business Development & Strategic Planning in Business Organisations
Director of Smarter Education, HABOOK Group

1. Setup of online Smarter Classroom
2. Seamless integration of cloud-based teaching materials, learning resources and assessments
3. Engaged Teaching & Learning Strategies 
3.1 Student assessment and data-driven decision making
3.2 Knowledge creation through individual & group inputs
3.3 Differentiated Teaching Strategies
4. Questions & Answers
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As part of our effort to support schools to battle the challenges faced in view of the Covid19 pandemic, we will be launching a WhataApp online-forum FOR EDUCATORS ONLY to share online teaching & learning initiatives using TEAM Model. We will also be extending our educational welfare initiative to interested partner schools. Join the forum to learn more from educational professionals and enquire about our educational welfare initiative application.