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HiTeach Mobile 3 Teacher Personal Subscription Edition (Home)

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is the core of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom that integrates software and hardware. It simplifies the complicated processes of before, during, and after lessons, and helps teachers easily flipped traditional classroom into smarter classroom.

In order to accelerate the promotion of Smarter Education and help each teacher and achieve each child, TEAM Model launched HiTeach Mobile 3 personal subscription version for teachers (home use), which helps the first-line Smarter teachers to have the latest teaching at an affordable price. With the latest technology, teachers can easily practice student-centered, team-based learning (TBL), Data Decision. Students are taught based on their talents, to accommodate their personalities and enhance their capabilities in the classroom.

Subscription instructions:
1. HiTeach Mobile 3 is a dedicated subscription version for teachers, which is limited to teachers’ personal subscriptions only, and can be renewed or purchased year by year.
2. This subscription authorization needs to be bound to the teacher's personal TEAM Model ID. You must first download the HiTA App and apply for the TEAM Model ID.
3. Subscription process:
1) Download HiTA (click here), apply for TEAM Model ID (click here for application process)
2) After the remittance, fill in the reply form (click here). After the reconciliation is completed, the serial number will be sent to the e-mail box you specify

Subscription price list