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TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion Project | HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version


HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version Introduction

HiTeach 5 (Professional version authorization) is the core of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. It not only integrates software and hardware, and also simplifies the complicated processes of before, during, and after lessons, helping teachers easily flipped traditional classrooms into smarter classrooms.

In order to accelerate the promotion of Smarter Education and help each teacher and child, TEAM Model launched HiTeach 5 personal subscription version for teachers, which helps the first-line smarter teachers to have the latest teaching technology at an affordable price. Teachers can easily implement modern educational concepts of teaching students according to their aptitudes, such as student-centered, cooperative learning, and data-based decision making.

  The contents of this subscription project include:
Teacher side: HiTeach 5 (Professional version authorization) (1 set)
Student side: Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System (according to student number)
※ TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion Project: Only teachers can subscribe to the project (teachers can only subscribe to this project on behalf of themselves); each person can only purchase 1 set; no resale is allowed.

  Subscription instructions
1. HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version is available to teachers' personal subscriptions only and can be renewed or purchased on a yearly basis.
2. This subscription authorization needs to be linked to the teacher's personal TEAM Model Account. You must first download the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app and apply for the TEAM Model Account.

 Subscription process
Go to HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version order page (click here to order and pay online)

Learn more about features and details

Teacher Application Software: HiTeach 5 (professional version authorization)

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is the core of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. It not only integrates software and hardware, and also simplifies the complicated processes of before, during, and after lessons, helping teachers easily flipped traditional classrooms into smarter classrooms.
It has built successful cases in over 10 countries and regions, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Bulgaria, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Japan, the US, and more. Over the past 20 years, TEAM Model has built more than 3,000 smarter schools and 50,000 smarter classrooms.

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System has won major awards such as "The 19th Taiwan Excellence Award (2011) ", "COMPUTEX Taipei 2011 Best Choice Award & Jury's Special Award" and "The 18th SME Innovation Award". It is the only award-winning teaching system that is self-developed in Taiwan.

Practical teaching features available to teachers include:
  • Super useful whiteboard tool
  • Multi-interactive teaching tool
  • Focus tool for learning
  • HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App
  • Student Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System

HiTeach 5 (professional version authorization) Introduction
HiTeach 5 Download link
HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App Download link

Teacher Application Cloud Platform: IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service

IES 5 (Instructional Expert System) is TEAM Model's new generation platform that integrates cloud technology and resources. Teachers can use IES Smarter Teaching Service to organize the teaching resources needed for each stage of smarter classroom teaching, including cloud-based courses, student lists, teaching materials, question banks, classroom notes, assessment results, teaching videos, etc. They can also produce learning portfolios, grade and diagnostic analysis reports based on students' classroom interaction data.

IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service Introduction
IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service Login Website

Student Learning Platform: AClass ONE Learning Companion

AClass ONE Learning Companion of the TEAM Model Cloud is a brilliant companion for students to grow and learn, assisting teachers to extend teaching activities from the classroom to after-school online learning. For example, it provides online assessments, polls, and surveys. Students can take exams and do remedial learning anytime using their mobile devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones, allowing for unlimited learning. AClass ONE's features will continue to develop, including the ability to view lessons E-Notes, submit assignments, do self-directed learning (flipped classroom mechanism), view learning diagnostic reports and messages.
AClass ONE Learning Companion Introduction
AClass ONE Learning Companion Student Login Website (Students need to register an TEAM Model Account)

Student Application Feedback System

Students don't need to download any app! They can use computers, tablets, or smartphones (Both iOS or Android are available), and enter in browsers or scan QR code to use Web IRS. They can instantly interact with the teacher, answer IRS questions, buzz-in, and send pictures.

Ways for students to connect to the smarter classroom using Web IRS:
Method 1. Enter the URL in your browser, then enter the classroom code provided by HiTeach
Method 2.  Scan QR code with smartphones or tablets

Message/Graphic Interaction
Two-way Communication

Web IRS allows teachers and students to interact with each other regardless of the limitation of distance. Students can instantaneously share their thoughts without the need to install any app. They can send messages and pictures with Web IRS.

Send Pictures Anytime and Anywhere

Both teachers and students can send pictures/pages to each other anytime/anywhere, making it easier and more convenient to teach. Also, HiTeach can quickly organize pictures and messages without the need to use other software.

A wide variety of test question types are supported

The administration and correction of assessments have always been a heavy workload for teachers, and with the online distance learning due to the pandemic, assessments have become an even greater challenge for frontline teachers.
HiTeach 5's Smarter Classroom Assessment effectively integrates multiple assessment modes and enables simultaneous use of both online teaching and offline classrooms. Its automatic correction function saves teachers a lot of time and allows them to improve their work efficiency effectively.


Web IRS Introduction Video

Take a quick look at how Web IRS transforms regular classrooms into smarter classrooms with this video!
With Web IRS, there is no need to install any app on smartphones/tablets/computers! As long as there is a browser, interactive feedback, send pictures, text, quick answer statistics, annotations, etc., can all be done regardless of the limitation of distance. Each student can immediately express their views and ideas, so that teachers can track student thinking and do data decision-making.
※HABOOK is one of the representative vendors verified by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). HiTeach also won the Taiwan Excellence Award organized by TAITRA when the previous generation was launched. HiTeach 5 was also found on the website organized by TAITRA. Good products of HABOOK can be seen all over the world.
Go to the HiTeach 5 product page on Taiwantrade

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Taiwantrade Advanced Verified
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