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2020 Global Smarter Lecture Demonstration - Live Lesson, Global Professional Review Exhibition

With the vision to develop a Global Smarter Education Professional Learning Platform, the Global Technology Leadership & Instructional Technology Summit was initiated since 2012. This is the 8th year of this high key event, where we witness a gathering of international Smarter Education experts, to share their success stories and practical experiences.
In conjunction with the summit, the Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Series was launched in 2018, where we invite Master Teachers in TEAM Model Smarter Education from different countries to form teams to conduct live teaching demonstration. During the teaching demonstration educational experts will be invited to conduct Sokrates Live Lesson Observation, showcasing the role of AI technology in supporting teacher professional development. The event also aims to provide a platform for School Leaders and teachers to share valuable Smarter School development strategies to the world.

This year due to Covid-19 pandemic, the education industry faced huge challenges but at the same time it has enhanced the momentum of educational transformation. Hence to demonstrate the leading trend of Smarter Education and to facilitate schools’ pandemic preventive measures, the 2020 Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture will also take a different form of “Live Teaching & Online Professional Review”. There will be 3 concurrent venue in Taipei, Chengdu and Batagas Philippines, where Master Teachers have been invited to showcase their Smarter Lesson and it will also be stream live on multiple platforms. We will also be inviting International Experts to conduct professional review live online, promoting the development and interaction of Smarter Schools and Smarter Cities globally. 

Lesson Demonstration Details:
  • Lesson Delivery: Teaching 40 mins / Design Sharing 10 mins / Professional Review 20 mins
  • The teaching and professional review process will be stream live together with Smart Lesson Observation online and offline.
  • The lesson Sokrates Video recording, Notes, Sokrates Report, Teaching Materials and TPC Lesson Plan will be achieved the Global TEAM Model Smarter Lesson Sokrates Channel  
  • Teachers should pre-arranged the teaching groups and conduct all pre-activities
  • Please complete Form A: “Teacher Introduction and Basic Lesson Info” and Form B: “TPC Lesson Plan” and return to the organizing committee. Samples could be review from previous years’ submission in the Sokrates Channel. Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Channel link is shown as below:
Live broadcast on TEAM Model Smarter Classroom - TMSC  Facebook Fanpage

Teacher Introduction
18 December (Fri)
0910 - 0950

Grade 5 Science
Maridel B. DeMesa
Cupang Elementary School, Batangas, Philippines


Designing a product out of local, recyclable solid / or liquid materials in making useful product.

Lesson Design Concept:

This lesson is based from most essential learning competencies in Science for Grade Five which is designing a product out of local, recyclable solid / or liquid materials in making useful product.

The teacher will use Hi-teach to make the whole learning process interactive and enjoyable. The functions pop-quiz, buzzed-in, push and hi-message will be utilized to get the firsthand answers of the student. Moreover, the differentiated push will be used by the teacher to give different sets of activity based on the interest of the students. They will draw or design a useful product out of local recyclable materials of their choice. 
Live broadcast on TEAM Model Smarter Classroom - TMSC  Facebook Fanpage
18 December (Fri)
 - 1450
Bayorbor National High School, Batangas, Philippines



Lesson Design Concept

The lesson covers one of the linguistic aspects of English language, targeting grammatical awareness among Grade 8 students. Lesson objectives are aligned with the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) of the Department of Education. Learning activities are student-centered, varied from simple to complex, while focusing on the syntactic features of language, specifically the distinct functions of adjectives and adverbs as modifiers. Teaching videos will be utilized for further discussion of the topic to augment students’ engagement in critical thinking, vocabulary development, and word functions. More specifically, the lesson comprises four (4) learning tasks, which in the latter, students will be able to write descriptive texts as their key performance task. Macro skills in English language such as listening, viewing, and writing are also evident. More so, application of technology specifically the HiTeach System will spice up the teaching-and-learning process. 
Live broadcast on TEAM Model Smarter Classroom - TMSC  Facebook Fanpage