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Basic troubleshooting process if Haboard Interactive Whiteboard can not be used

If the Haboard Interactive Whiteboard that is connected to your computer is not working, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

Step 1. 
Please make sure that the computer and projector you are connecting to are turned on properly.

Step 2. 
Please make sure that the USB cable connected between the whiteboard and the computer is properly connected.

Step 3
Try replugging the USB cable both on the computer side and on the whiteboard side, and confirm the connection status again.

Step 4

Try using another USB port to plug in the USB cable on the computer side and confirm the connection status again.

Step 5

If extension cords are used for USB connection, it is recommended that you first connect the computer without extension to check if the USB power supply is unstable.

Step 6. 

Please try to use another USB cable and connect it directly to the computer side and the whiteboard side to confirm the problematic points.

If you still can't get your whiteboard to work properly or determine the abnormalities according to the above steps, we recommend you to contact your partner distributors or contact HABOOK for assistance.

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