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How to quickly create a HiTeachj cloud course list :Method 3. create a new course

Note:HiTeach uses cloud courses built by IES Temodou Cloud PlatformAfter the class is over, select upload to save the activity history data generated at the teaching site. Contains class electronic notes, class activity records, remedial videos... etc.  If you already have IES Smart Teaching Service, please refer to the following steps to operate.

Step1. Please enter the IES Modou Cloud Platform

If your HiTeach has been logged in via HiTA3 scan code. You can select the icon to expand the side panel directly on the "side panel" on the left side of HiTeach. Click "Go to the IES" directly above to enter the IES Modou cloud platform directly.

You can also directly access through a web browser and select "Teacher Login" to log in.

After entering the IES Modou Cloud Platform.  Please select "Course Management" -> "New Course".


After entering the "New Course" page. Here are three methods for you to create a list of courses, please move down the screen to Method 3: create a new course.  Select the Academic Year, Grade, Subject and input Course name.  Finally select the "New Course".

After the course is created, please select "Yes" to return to the roster management.

After returning to Roster management, select "Add Student".

Please refer to the format of the system "Example" file and the "Explanation" field to create the imported Excel file.

Choose Excel file, click "upload" to let the system build.

Use "pick out by searching" or "Pick out by class" to add to the student list.

Pick out by searching:Use the name, Student ID/TEAM Model ID, enter the keywords and then filter out the matching students to select, check it and then select Add to complete.

Pick out by class:From the list of existing classes, directly select the students who want to join this class list, and then drag the screen to the bottom and select "Add".