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Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) General Plan: Why isn't the "Start Sokrates Lesson Observation" button displayed?

If you have Digital Lesson Observation General Plan, you can use the digital recording function of Sokrates lesson observation by logging into the exclusive Digital Lesson Observation Platform (also known as the exclusive lesson examples channel).

The process of conducting general digital lesson observation is shown below. Using the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app, you can quickly set up, start, and end digital lesson observation activities.

There are several possible reasons for the Start Sokrates Lesson Observation button in step 2 in the picture above not displaying and how to deal with them.


  Possible Reason 1:

Please check if the Digital Lesson Observation Platform you are using and linked to has the Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) General Plan. You can ask the administrator of the platform.


  Possible Reason 2:

Members of the Digital Lesson Observation Platform are classified as Member, Expert, or Administrator, and only Expert and Administrator have this authorizationPlease check your identity to see if you meet the requirements. If you need to change your identity, please contact the administrator of the platform.


  Possible Reason 3:

If you have joined more than one platform/channel (members of more than one exclusive channel), for example, in addition to your own school's/unit's exclusive channel, you have also joined the TBSL School channel, a certain activity channel, etc., but the channel you set as default does not have the authorization of the Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) General Plan, then you need to change to a channel with the authorization, and then you can see the Start Sokrates Lesson Observation button. Instructions are as the picture below:

Procedure for setting up the default channel

Once set up, reload the page or re-login to update the authorization and the Start Sokrates Lesson Observation button will be displayed.



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