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How to export the works uploaded by students in HiTeach?

Description: In a smarter classroom, teachers can save class records in PDF or HTEX format, but they also want to save students' uploaded works (pictures, audios, or files) in the work collection. If you have such a need, please refer to the following steps.
Environment requirements: HiTeach 5 v5.0.12.0001 or above (Please refer to this article to learn more about how to update HiTeach)

Step 1. You can either: 1. Before the end of the lesson or 2. After the end of the lesson but before the start of the next lesson, click  and select  to export summary report of lesson and student works -> (*If HiTeach is closed, student work will not be saved)

Step 2. After selecting , select the location you want to save, and HiTeach will export the lesson report data (in excel format) and student works (as a zip file).

Step 3. Simply extract the zip file of the student works and find the ones you are looking for.

Note: You can also choose to export the lesson report and student works at the end of the lesson in the bottom right corner of the lesson summary.
Reminder! If you do not export your work before HiTeach starts the next lesson or before you closed HiTeach, the data and work from the previous lesson will not be retained and cannot be exported afterward.

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