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How to confirm HiTeach 5 has been updated to the latest version?

Description: The version of HiTeach Smarter Teaching System will be updated from time to time as features continue to evolve and be optimized. If you want to obtain the latest and most complete features provided by the software, you can refer to the following steps to confirm whether your HiTeach software is the latest version. (If HiTeach has "Start Lesson", then the update cannot be done, you need to end the lesson first before you can update)

Step 1. If you have installed HiTeach 5, there will be an application,  HiTeach Assistant, in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop. Please left-click directly to open the HiTeach Assistant interface (as shown below).

Step 2. You can view the current HiTeach version number in the bottom left corner of the interface. Press the  icon to check for updates. If your HiTeach needs to be updated, a notice will pop up asking for a download, otherwise, it will show your version is already the latest.

Note: If your HiTeach version is lower than version or does not have  icon, please uninstall HiTeach 5 and then reinstall it here.

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