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How do teachers create courses, students register accounts, and join the courses?

Teachers can invite students to join their courses after they have created their personal courses on the IES Cloud.
Teachers can first guide students to register for a TEAM Model account, and then the course list for students to join.

  Register for a TEAM Model account through the website

Students can visit our official website ( and click on Log in in the upper right corner, or use this website to register.

Directly registering and login through third-party accounts (such as Google and Facebook) is the fastest way. Here is a demonstration of using Google to register, select the Google account you want to use and you have registered. Then, you can complete your account information.
After completing the registration, students can see their user ID, which is for TEAM Model related applications. Students can also directly log in to the system by entering the ID and a setup password, so please make sure to set the password.

 *To maintain the security of your personal information, please make sure to set a password
In addition, students can also click Register, select the verification method (Email or cell phone) they want to use, verify, fill in their names and password, and click Register to complete the registration.


  How do students log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion?

After registering for a TEAM Model account, students can also use the official website ( to access the student-specific AClass ONE Learning Companion.
To do so, click on Teacher/Student Login and select Student AClass ONE 5 from the Menu.

If the screen resolution is lower, the Menu will be in the upper right corner of the browser. Please select MenuTeacher/Student Login, and then Student AClass ONE 5.

After the student login screen appears, log in from the TEAM Model Account Login at the left to access the platform. (The login on the left is free for students of teachers' personal courses, while the login on the right is for students whose school accounts are created by the school through the IES 5 Smarter School Management Service)


  Teachers create personal courses and invite students to join

The process for teachers to create personal courses and invite students to join courses in the IES Cloud is as follows:

Step 1: Teachers create personal courses on the cloud platform

Teachers create personal courses on the cloud platform

Step 2: 
Teachers invite students to join the personal course
After finishing Step 1, click on the generated QR code, and click Copy Invitation Link to copy the course invitation link and send it to students to invite them to join the course (teachers can also use the scan code function in the HiTA APP to join the course to play the role of students and understand the AClass ONE learning page).

Teachers invite students to join the personal course

Step 3: Students join the course

After students obtain the course invitation link and paste it into the URL bar of their browser, the invitation page will be displayed (1). Select Join Now and the account login page will be displayed (2). Students log in with their TEAM Model accounts, and the completion page will be displayed after students have successfully joined the course (3). Students can click on select Go to TEAM Model Cloud(Student AClass ONE)>>> and they will automatically log in to AClass ONE.

Students join the course

Notification will be sent to teachers after students join the course, and teachers can view their personal course list from the IES Cloud or HiTeach.
In addition, Course Invitation Cod
e can be provided to students, who can log in to AClass ONE and enter the code to join the course.