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⭐ Set your frequently used folder as the default source for accessing teaching material resources

Environment Requirement: HiTeach 5

HiTeach provides a large library of built-in resources and materials, as well as a built-in web-based image search engine to facilitate the application of materials to teaching activities. However, there is usually never enough material, and it does not always meet the teaching needs of each subject and unit. Therefore, teachers mostly have their own lesson preparation materials and multimedia material. They can quickly obtain their own teaching materials by using the function of HiTeach's customized resource folder.

HiTeach allows users to set their own three folder sources. If teachers have cloud-synced folders, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, they can use them as their designated folders, making it easier to access teaching resources.

First, click on the Teaching Resources button and click on the Add button.

When the select folder window appears, select the frequently used folder you want to set, and then click the Select Folder button to confirm.

For subsequent teaching applications, just click on the number button to open the corresponding default folder, making it easier to access the materials!

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