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Operation methods of homework (assignment) assigning, homework submission, and homework review

Operating requirements:
1. Asynchronous homework: IES 5 Cloud (for teachers) + AClass ONE (for students).
2. Synchronous homework: Use HiTeach 5 pro. authorization + Web IRS or HiTeach CC + Web IRS in class.

The distribution and collection of homework/assignments and study sheets is a frequent activity in the classroom. If digital tools can be used to assist, it will not only improve efficiency, but also be an indispensable tool for online teaching or online/on-site hybrid learning.

The TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System provides two ways to conduct homework activities: online homework (using the IES Cloud for asynchronous homework activities) and real-time assignment of homework or tasks in the classroom (using HiTeach for synchronous homework activities), as explained below:

1. Assign, submit, and review online homework/assignment (asynchronous)

⭐ Teachers assign homework/assignments

Step 1: Log in to the IES Cloud and create a course
Teachers can access the IES Cloud by logging in from our official website (, select Teacher/Student Login and select Teacher IES 5 from the Menu, then they can create a personal course and invite students to join the course.

Step 2: Select Homework and click the Add button. Then, set the homework name, the participating classes, the start & end time, and the homework description (pictures and hyperlinks can be inserted). Teachers can also add attachment files if needed, and add additional requirements for the homework. Finally, click Start Activity to assign the homework.
The homework in progress will be displayed in the list of homework activities.

⭐ Students submit homework/assignments

Students can log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion from our official website (, select Teacher/Student Login, and select Student AClass ONE 5 from the Menu. Once logged in, they will see the homework assigned by teachers.

Step 1: After logging into AClass ONE, click on the activity you want to view and do.

Step 2: Enter the relevant content required for the homework, including text and pictures.

Step 3: If the homework requires a file upload, click the Select file and select the file that needs to be uploaded. After confirming all submissions, click Upload Homework to complete the submission.

⭐ Teachers review and mark homework/assignments
Once students have submitted their assignments, teachers can review them on IES.

Step 1: Select the homework activity to review, and then click the Mark button of the student you want to review.

Step 2: Click Annotate to mark corrections and comments directly on the submitted homework.

Step 3: Click Pen to use your mouse to mark on the homework (or directly mark on the screen if you are using a tablet or touch screen, just like you would if you were marking a paper assignment!). Next, click Text to enter text directly, and then click OK when you complete the annotation.

Step 4: Give the homework a score or feedback in the form of stars, and then enter a comment. If you have a common comment for a specific subject or class, you can save the comment and use it directly next time. Finally, click on the Submit button to complete the review of this student's homework.

If the homework submitted by the student contains attached files, you can click on the Attachment Content to view them. If they are in a file format that IES supports, such as Word files, pictures, etc. (you can restrict the file format of the homework submission when assigning the homework), you can browse them directly; if the student submits multiple files, you can switch between different files by clicking on the arrow keys below.

⭐ Students check homework feedback and teachers manage students' scores

After teachers have marked the homework, students can log in to AClass ONE and view the teacher's score and comment.

In addition, teachers can view the results of marking the homework at any time, and can export the score results, making it easy to organize learning results.

2. Assignments or tasks are given immediately in class (synchronous)

Whether it is an assignment activity assigned and carried out in class, or an assignment that students have been assigned to complete before class, it can be quickly compiled through HiTeach's work (task) collection function.

In class, teachers can prepare the content of an assignment, such as a PowerPoint page, web page, or HiTeach page, then use HiTeach's Work Collection function, select to collect pictures, audio, or files, and then the prepared page content will be automatically sent to students' Web IRS for students to complete. As the students are doing their works/tasks, HiTeach's work collection window provides an overview of each group or student's progress, sorted by chronological order, seat number, or grouping. Teachers can select them to do activities such as observation, comparison, mutual evaluation, praise, annotation, explanation, or sharing.

Similarly, the same function can be used to ask students to submit assignments that have been assigned to students to complete before class, and teacher can use HiTeach to carry out the action of collecting assignments in real-time.


⭐ Work/Assignment Collection: File

If teachers want to ask students to submit file-type assignments, teachers can click the Work Collection button in HiTeach 5, then select File, and students can use their Web IRS to select the file to be submitted.

⭐ Work/Assignment Collection: Picture

If it is a picture-type assignment, then click the Work Collection button in HiTeach 5, then select Picture, and students can use their Web IRS to take pictures of the assignment to upload, or directly select the picture file on their device to upload.

⭐ Work/Assignment Collection: Audio

The audio collection feature is suitable for use in class and real-time submission applications, allowing students to submit their work by microphone recording in real-time. Teachers click the Work Collection button in HiTeach 5, then select Audio, and students can use the microphone recording function of the tablet or computer to record and upload their work via Web IRS.

⭐ Assignment Download
Once HiTeach has collected the assignments, teachers can download all submitted assignments (tasks) as follows:

Step 1: You can either: 1. Before the end of the lesson or 2. After the end of the lesson but before the start of the next lesson, click  and select  to export the summary report of the lesson and student works (*If HiTeach is closed, student work will not be saved)

Step 2: After selecting  , select the location you want to save, and HiTeach will export the lesson report data (in excel format) and student works (as a zip file).

Step 3: Simply extract the zip file of the student works and you can view all the files submitted by the students for each task according to the task number, including the pictures, files, or audio files uploaded by the students at that time, and the file names are according to the seat number.

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