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Do I need to import PPTs into HiTeach to use them?
What should I do if some text or objects are displaced after importing?

Environment Requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint + HiTeach 5

Most teachers use PowerPoint as teaching materials, and in general teaching applications, you can use the usual way to play PPT when teaching. When you need to do annotations or use HiTeach interaction functions, simply click the Pen icon at the lower right corner, and you can conveniently integrate your PPT with HiTeach's functions. There is no need to import PPT materials into HiTeach.

 Use the Pen icon to integrate general PPT slide show with HiTeach

Of course, HiTeach supports the function of importing PPT teaching materials, and after importing, the original text, pictures, etc. are retained in the form of objects, as well as most of the animation playback settings are also supported, which can be said to be a powerful software features.
So, when do you need to import PowerPoint materials into HiTeach? When teachers want to have fewer switching operations between HiTeach and PPT, do differentiated teaching material push, be able to move objects for teaching purposes, be able to design answer masking so it can be revealed after interactions, or other teaching operation needs. In these scenarios, importing PPT teaching materials into HiTeach will further enhance the benefits of teaching applications.

PPT files imported into HiTeach can retain graphics, text and other objects

Perform differentiated learning with differentiated push applications

The process of importing PPT files will go through a page processing procedure, which requires a small waiting time. In addition, because Microsoft PowerPoint software has been launched for many years, with numerous version updates, so different versions of the edited PPT will have some differences exist, after importing into HiTeach, there may be some text or objects that are displaced, which is the same situation that may occur even if you change PPT into a Google file. Therefore, please first browse and check the content after importing first and adjust if needed.

After importing, checking, and editing, remember to save the file. You can save the file into the HTEX format, which is exclusive to HiTeach 5. Then, if you subsequently need to edit or modify the content of this teaching material, you can open this HTEX file directly, which does not need to go through the conversion process, saving time to convert PPT and checking. For actual lessons, also open this HTEX file to start the class.

Tip: The difference between HiTeach editing mode and interactive mode is whether or not you click on the Start Lesson button, as long as you do not click on the Start Lesson button, it is the lesson preparation editing teaching material mode (Push, IRS Tools, Task, SelfPace Tests, and other interactive teaching features button are not displayed in editing mode).