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How to view, export, and delete HiTeach local lesson records?

Environmental requirements: HiTeach 5 v5.0.18.0001 or above (For version check and update method, please refer to here)

HiTeach will automatically record and save all notes, interaction records, test records, task works, etc., for each lesson on the local hard drive. If you want to export at once after the lesson is over, you can refer to How to export the works uploaded by students in HiTeach?

If you want to manage your past lesson records, then you can use the HiTeach Records Management tool to perform operations like deleting lesson record data and exporting them into zip files. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Please make sure you are in editing mode (i.e. not running "Start Lesson"), then check if you have logged in to the system with your TEAM Model account (logging in to your account is the only way to view the lesson data of your IES cloud course, otherwise you can only view local lesson data), then click Hi, and click on Records Management.

Step 2: After the HiTeach Records Management interface appears, you can view the records and filter them by date range and list type. If you want to export a specific lesson record, click the Export Record button, select the storage path (folder), and click Save to export. The saved file is a ZIP file, which includes PDF files of lesson notes, Excel files of interactive and test results, and students' uploaded works (pictures, audio, and files).

In addition, to ensure efficient use of computer space, you can do regular deletion of expired or unneeded lesson records by clicking the Delete Record button of the record to be deleted.

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