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Using method of the lesson preparation tool for setting up HiTeach interactive pages in PowerPoint

Environmental requirements: HiTeach 5, HiTeach 5 PPTAddin, and Microsoft PowerPoint

HiTeach 5 PPTAddin is a tool for lesson preparation, used when editing Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) files to pre-set questions and tasks for interaction in HiTeach. You can make settings in advance for pages where you want to do interactive quizzing (questions) or tasks. Question types include single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions, and task types include picture, audio, and file collection.

During class, whether you play the PPT slideshow directly or import the PPTX file into HiTeach, when you switch to a preset page, the preset question or task will automatically pop up, and students, learners, or the audience can respond and interact with you.

Below we illustrate three main parts of lesson preparation and in-class application: preparing interactive content in PowerPoint materials for classes, using PowerPoint slideshow to teach directly, and opening or importing PowerPoint into HiTeach to teach.

⭐Preparing interactive content in PowerPoint materials for classes

Step 1: If you have updated your HiTeach to version or above, HiTeach will include the HiTeach 5 PPTAddin and you can open it in your HiTeach.
Or, you can download it here. After downloading the zip file, unzip/extract it, then open the HiTeachPPTAddin.exe, and the HiTeach 5 PPT setup tool window will appear.

Step 2: Open the PowerPoint PPTX file to be set (must be a supported version), and HiTeach 5 PPTAddin will automatically display the information of this PPT file. Click on the page to edit the interactive design, and start setting. For example, to set a multiple answers question, select Quiz in the question type column, Multiple Answers in the answer type column, and then set the number of choices/options, correct answers, and points. After completing the settings, the Notes field will automatically generate the setting parameters, please do not change them.

Step 3: The same goes for setting tasks. For example, to set an audio collection, select Task Collection and choose Audio. After completing the settings, the Notes field will automatically generate the setting parameters, please do not change them.

Step 4: After the setup is complete, save the PPTX presentation file.

If you have more than one PPT file open, please switch to the PPT file you want to set up first when doing settings.


⭐Use PowerPoint slideshow to teach directly

Next, you can use the PPT file edited and play the full-screen slideshow (please make sure you have logged into your TEAM Model account, opened HiTeach 5, and clicked Start Lesson), and HiTeach will automatically detect the slideshow status. The PPT up/down page switch button and the pen icon will appear. In pages that didn't pre-set any interaction, the pen is white, click on it to screenshot the page into HiTeach to write, draw, and annotate. In pages that have pre-set interaction, the color of the pen will change to blue, click on it to immediately start the corresponding interaction.

For example, like the pre-set multiple answers question in the picture below, after entering HiTeach, the interactive data area is immediately displayed for students to provide feedback to the multiple answers question, which is very convenient.
To return to the PowerPoint slideshow, click the Minimize button at the bottom of the HiTeach teaching tools area.

Similarly, when you play a PPT to a page with a pre-set task (work collection), click on the color-changed pen icon and the task function will be automatically executed in HiTeach, allowing students to submit their completed task works.

Students can use their devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) to respond and perform interactive activities initiated by the teacher.


⭐Open or import PowerPoint into HiTeach to teach

For most teachers, using a PowerPoint slideshow to teach directly is sufficient. If you want advanced applications, you can import the PPT files into HiTeach first to facilitate more advanced interactive applications. After importing, the interactive questions and work tasks settings pre-set in PowerPoint will be automatically brought into HiTeach, and after you "Start Lesson", the corresponding interactive functions will be automatically executed, allowing students to use the IRS clickers/keypads or Web IRS to do the activity.

How to open or import PowerPoint files in HiTeach 5:

Method 1: Select Hi -> Local File -> Open an Old File and select the PPTX presentation file to open. This method will clear the currently existing pages in HiTeach and display only the contents of the PPT presentation pages. If you wish to use this PPT file as teaching material in HiTeach in the future, it is recommended that you use this method and then save the file (Hi -> Local File -> Save File/Save As...) as a HiTeach exclusive HTEX file format. The next time you want to use this file, you can directly open this HTEX file to save the time of converting PPT pages into HiTeach and use it directly and more efficiently.

Method 2: Select Hi -> Local File -> Import, and select the PPTX presentation file to be imported. This method will insert the pages of the PPT file into the existing HiTeach page.

Method 3: Import from the Teaching Resources area
Click on the teaching resource button on the side to open the teaching resource window. If you are logged in to your TEAM Model account and have prepared teaching resources on the IES platform, you can directly access the cloud-based teaching materials and import them directly into HiTeach for use.

Teaching resources are categorized by file type for easy access. In addition, if you click on Syllabus, the structured catalog of IES personal or school-based syllabi will be listed, making it easier to access materials by unit.

For additional instructions on using PowerPoint materials directly and importing them for use in HiTeach, please refer to this article:
    Do I need to import PPTs into HiTeach to use them? What should I do if some text or objects are displaced after importing?


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