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How to have T (Data) in HiTA? How to have T (Green Light) in HiTA?

Description: How can my HiTA show T (Data)? How to use HiTeach to have T green light?
Environmental Requirements: HiTeach 5.1 (For version check and update method, please refer to here) and HiTA (Please check your app store, Google Play, etc. for version update)

When teachers start using HiTeach, they will be excited to have AI coaches to help them practice and learn, hoping to quickly enhance the operation of HiTeach technology interaction.
AI Sokrates Summary Notice is one of the AI Sokrates system data services. Every time a user uses HiTeach to start and end a lesson, the system will automatically send a notification to the teacher's HiTA 5 APP, providing the technology interaction (T) index and technology interaction frequency analysis of the lesson, referred to as [AI Sokrates Summary Notice]. It can provide immediate feedback on the technology application preferences and indexes of each lesson and accelerate the familiarization of HiTeach technology interaction function, which is an AI coach to accompany teachers to enhance their technology interaction.
To obtain this auxiliary function, please take the opportunity to apply from the HiTA of your smartphone and obtain the right to use it.

Get FREE AI Sokrates Summary Notice for a limited time! Complete the account extension information in Profile on HiTA, then go to Explore to apply the dual AI gadgets at the top, and click on Experience Now to get the rights! ►Go to learn how to claim

With the AI coach, after using HiTeach for self-practice or actual lesson application, you can easily track your lesson technology integration performance with the T (green light) index on the Home page of HiTA 5. In Notification, there is more detailed information for teachers to refer to. If you can get a green light for the T (technology interaction) index (>= 70), it means that you have reached a level of proficiency in technology integration, and you can naturally integrate technology into your teaching.
HiTeach & AI Sokrates Summary Notice
HiTeach 5 and AI Sokrates Data Operations Scenario

Teachers use HiTA 5 to check T (green light), T data, and detailed notification

The Technology Interaction (T) Index is an index for effective interaction (0-99). It is based on the combination of the HiTeach interactive functions used by the teacher, which AI Sokrates automatically collected and analysis. 70 points or more is the green light, 50-70 points is the yellow light, and less than 50 points is the red light. A higher index can be obtained with the appropriate combination of technology interactive functions. The basic technology interactive functions include Pop Quiz, Show Chart, Pick-Out, Scoreboard, Push, and more than 20 teaching modules and interactive functions.


The T (Data) in My HiTeach on HiTA's Home is accumulated by Start Lesson and End Lesson in HiTeach to carry out the lesson. After the lesson ends, it will be counted once, other information will also be recorded, including the number of students participating, lesson duration, etc.

How to get a T green light? There is no standard answer to this question, because AI automatically provides results based on normative data and machine learning by "lesson observation" over time.
However, basically, as long as the aforementioned combinations of T1~T5 are used appropriately in the lesson, the T green light will be obtained, and not all HiTeach's functions have to be used (the lesson needs to last more than 10 minutes). You can use the file in HiTeach's Sample Files to practice, as long as you make good use of the combinations of functions listed in there, you can usually get the T green light given by the AI.

Here are 5 examples of tricks. As long as you make good use of the function combinations mentioned in these 5 tricks, you can usually get the T green light given by AI.
[Trick 1] Questions and answers with Reattempt quiz (function combination: T2.1+T1.1+T2.5+T3.1+T4.2) → application purpose: clarify concepts, grasp the change process of answering questions and changing answers.
[Trick 2] Multiple-choice questions with Buzz-in tools (function combination: T2.1+T3.2+T2.3+T5.1) → application purpose: to stimulate more active feedback and focus induction.
[Trick 3] Multiple-choice questions with graphic and text tasks (function combination: T1.1+T1.2+T5.3+T2.1) → application purpose: appreciation of works, mutual observation and peer evaluation.
[Trick 4] Questions and answers with voice tasks (function combination: T2.1+T3.1+T1.2+T5.3) → application purpose: to express ideas and gather opinions.
[Trick 5] Fill in the questions and perform Reattempt quiz, Flip cards (function combination: T2.1+T2.5+T5.3) → application purpose: record the answering process, basic to advanced application. 


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