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How do I log in to the IES using the TEAM Model ID?

Applicable version :

Applicable to all versions of HiTeach 3.

Operation method :
Method 1: Use a webpage to log in directly to the IES


Open a browser and go to: and choose to log in using the TEAM Model ID.

Use HiTA 3 to scan a QR Code to log in or use your account password to log in.

Method 2: Log in to the IES using HiTeach
Open HiTeach, click on the "Hi" icon in the upper right corner, and click "Login/out". A QR code will appear, HiTA 3 to scan the QR code to login in with your TEAM Model account.


Click the "IES icon" on the left side and click "Go to the IES"

Method 3: Log in to the IES using HiTools

When HiTeach is log in, open HiTools (the account you log in will appear in the upper right corner), choose "Platforms"  and click on the IES.


Precautions :
※ Applicable to users who have linked to IES with their TEAM Model ID.
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