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How to identify the version and version number of HiTeach?
Applicable version:
All HiTeach (Std, Pro, TBL, Mobile, Premium) versions.
In order to facilitate the user to quickly understand the version and version number currently used.
Please launch HiTeach (any version), go to interactive, edit, PowerClick mode (optional), click on the "Hi" in the upper right corner of the toolbar and click on "About".

In the diagram on the right hand side, 1. represents the version, 2. represents the version number.

※You can also confirm the version and version number with HiTools.
Please directly execute the shortcut icon "HiTools" on the desktop, HiTools will do self-check.

HiTools determine which version of the serial number is used and the version number is displayed. If there is an update, you can perform online update. For an environment where HiTeach has not been installed, you can click "Install" to install it online.

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