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How to do desktop recording in HiTeach?

Applicable version: HiTeach 3 (please update to the latest version).
Function Description: Prepare a 3.5" connector microphone and plug in the computer to easily record a desktop teaching video or remedial video.
Step 1.
Please prepare a 3.5" connector microphone and plug in the computer.

Step 2.
Open HiTeach and go to the recording setting.

Step 3.
Click the third icon on the right to start setting.

Step 4.
Select the microphone source (The name of the microphone may vary depending on what is used).

Step 5.
Start recording after clicking REC. Click REC to stop recording when you have finished recording.

Step 6.
You can choose to:
1. Upload to TEAM Model Cloud - IES Smarter Teaching Service (To upload to IES, you need to log in with TEAM Model ID first)
2. Download to the local drive
3. Play the video


Note: This instruction can be operated without AI Terminal or ezStation Lecture Capture System.

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