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TEAM Model's Honors and Recognition

Global attention to the TEAM Model Smarter Education System and concept 

The First Smarter Class Team Competition Model

Lead the Professional Development of Teachers Worldwide  
Cross-Strait Smarter Lecture Invitational Game

Since 2016, HABOOK Group has created a professional development model for teachers featuring "Smarter Lecture Team Contest" to promote and accelerate teacher professional development. Smarter Lecture Experts rich in achievements and experience will be selected by each region to form a team and participate in the game.
Smarter Lecture Team Contest has been held for 4 years. Many smarter education manufacturers gather together and compete with each other. Dozen teams from different cities and more than 1,000 smarter teachers have participated in the contest every year, in which Taiwan Taoyuan Team have won three consecutive championship. Besides, TEAM Model team is even awarded top ten in each competition with fruitful achievements.
Through Smarter Lecture Team Contest, it aims to refine and share profound integration of information technology and education, and implement Smarter Class featuring modern educational concepts fully, further achieving the ultimate aim of  promoting learning through competition.

The TEAM Model was invited to Google's Taipei headquarters to deliver a keynote on AI and future education for its technological innovation


Dr. Liang Jen-kai, the pioneer of TEAM Model Smarter Education AI, also the creator of 1-1 Student Tablet, was invited to Google's Taipei headquarters to share the latest development of AI Sokrates, so that elementary and middle school principals and administrators will feel the immense value and future potential from TEAM Model Smarter Classroom combined with AI Sokrates. 

Industry-academy cooperation establish TEAM Model Smarter Education Research Center at National Chengchi University: Sowing the Seeds of the Smarter Education


Cultivating Smarter Teachers is a significantly important part of our effort to spread and replicate Smarter Schools. We first established a TEAM Model Smarter Education Research Center at National Chengchi University through the integration of regional educational resources. Besides, TEAM Model Smarter Education Teachers' training centers have been established successively at Beisin Elementary School in New Taipei, Bagua Elementary School in Kaohsiung, and Gongguan Elementary School in Pingtung County. We hope it will be spread throughout Taiwan in order to benefit more teachers and children.

TEAM Model's involvement in public welfare receives praise from government and the education media


"Smarter Education Movement"
TEAM Model has been sowing the seeds of education and benefiting society by helping more teachers and students. TEAM Model cooperates with Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Associationn (TTLITDA) to initiate the "Smarter Education Movement ", which assists teachers with their professional development step by step and cultivates more smarter teachers. More than 15,000 teachers worldwide have responded to this program. This program has also entered the "Top 100 choice of Innovative Education" of "Education•Parenting Family Lifestyle" magazine.

"Taiwan' Hope Project of Remote Rural Districts"
In view of the fact that many rural areas in Taiwan are lacking in educational resources, we assist schools at all levels to implement reading education with information technology through TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom based on modern educational concepts. We are continuing to establish a distance smarter alliance to link educational resources in urban and rural areas. We are boosting the overall educational capabilities of remote areas through distance counseling, research, instruction, and communication. We not only seek to help improve children's reading comprehension in remote areas, but also to help teacher professional development through communication. This plan has also entered the Future Education Taiwan 100 list of "Commonwealth Publishing Group (CWPG)" magazine. 

TEAM Model Education big data and AI got approval from the Ministry of Education of Thailand

Giving the lecture "Digital and AI in Classroom" at the annual forum of Thailand GP Education

Jeric Lee, the secretary general of the Asia Pacific region of Global TEAM Model Smarter Research Institute was invited to give a open lecture on "Digital and AI in Classroom" at the 2019 GP Education Annual Forum in Thailand. The lecture was about using big data and AI of education to accelerate teacher professional development. Nearly 600 Thai educators came to participate in the Forum, and the deputy minister of education presented medals in person.

TEAM Model calls on global education leaders to gather in annual meeting to share the results of Smarter Education practice

Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit (GTLITS)

This Smarter Education Summit, cooperating with Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association (TTLITDA), has been held for 8 years and attracted Smarter Education experts, scholars, leaders, and school principals from more than 20 countries and areas to Taiwan every year to share top technology leadership knowledge and practical results. The summit continues to cultivate smarter teachers and develop Smarter Schools and Smarter Education cities.

TEAM Model Smarter Education Principle attracted the attention of China's Ministry of Education with its uniqueness


In 2015, the founder accepted the interview of the Chinese Education Information Website and explore the smarter education principle. In 2017, China Educational Technology, the most authoritative education information journal, gathered the results of painstaking efforts of more than 20 smarter education experts, professors, and teachers from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China to explore and discuss TEAM Model Smarter Education with theses, including how to sccelerate teacher professional development. This Symposium witnessed the strong power of professional teams and presented the presence of TEAM Model.

TEAM Model Founder was invited to make an opening ceremony speech and presented the distance model lesson on behalf of the conference

New Media and New Technology Application Symposium and National Nationwide Elementary and Middle School Innovation (Interaction) Classroom Instruction Practice Observation Activity

The HABOOK Group has participated in the "New Media and New Technology Application Symposium and National Nationwide Elementary and Middle School Innovation (Interaction) Classroom Instruction Practice Observation Activity" held by the National Center for Educational Technology of China's Ministry of Education. Professor. Power Wu, the founder of HABOOK Group was also invited to give a lecture about the new applications of smarter education at this event. TEAM Model smarter classrooms from several of China's provinces were also invited to make presentations and give lesson explanations.