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928 Learning Assessment Plan (Free)

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Help with Competence-oriented Teaching!
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The 928 Learning Assessment Plan is a free digital support resource for teachers' personal use, including IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service for teachers and AClass ONE Learning Companion for students provided by TEAM Model Cloud, and HiTeach 928 for classroom teaching.

928 Learning Assessment Plan

We provide a dedicated plan for teachers (Free)
To help you with the competency-oriented teaching of the new generation
TEAM Model Cloud-IES
2. Personal course, personal question bank, personal syllabus, and 1G Data Storage Service space.
3. Upload MS Word exam files to automatically import them into the cloud personal question bank. According to the needs of the learning task, start Online Assessment, Smarter Classroom Assessment (HiTeach), or OSS Script (OMR and Writing) Assessment.
AClass ONE Learning
Learning Assessment (Homework)
1. AClass ONE Learning Companion (For students to use before and after class)
2. Students apply for TEAM Model account for free to join the teacher's personal course, and use the self-directed learning resources sent by teachers.
3. Online learning, assignments, assessments, surveys, and polls.
HiTeach 928
1. HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APPHiTA 5 
(Installed on teacher smartphone)
2. Professional interactive whiteboard (IWB) teaching function
3. Access cloud course materials and resources

What is the assistance provided by the
928 Learning Assessment Plan?

In the global trend of competence-oriented teaching, more emphasis is placed on the development of students' competence skills, student-centered learning, and the development of more diverse assessment models in the teaching process, such as assessment for learning, assessment as learning, and assessment of learning. Assessment activities are an integral part of the teaching process.

   1. How to accumulate and reuse assessment/test questions?

The focus of assessment is on asking good questions, questions that promote thinking, and questions that assess learning outcomes. If these questions are digitized, the value of the application will be further increased. The IES Smarter Teaching Service on the TEAM Model Cloud provides multimedia questions preparation. These questions are sustainable, searchable, and freely combinable, increasing the efficiency of their use and scope of application.


   2. How are homework and tests conducted before and after class?

Assigning student homework is also part of the assessment process. Teachers can use IES to distribute homework, while students use the cloud-based AClass ONE Learning Companion to view and submit them. Once students' homework is submitted, teachers can mark and grade them online, providing another convenient way for homework assessment.
The tests started by the teachers can also be conducted by students on AClass ONE. Tests can include both subjective and objective questions. Objective questions are automatically graded, while subjective questions are marked and graded online by the teacher


   3. In-class Review and Revision

In class, teachers can use HiTeach 928 to log in and link to IES to quickly access homework and test results, and provide explanations and comments on key points, helping implement a new type of competence-oriented teaching. In addition, HiTeach 928 has more mechanisms to focus on learning and promote teacher-student interaction, such as pick-out, group scoreboard, and HiTA work observation, all of which are good tools to promote teacher-student interaction, expression sharing, and multivariate assessments.

Teachers can view detailed test result data and statistical graphs on IES

 Students can view complete answering results and remedial resources for questions on AClass ONE

Set up Information
928 Learning Assessment Plan (Free)
IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service(Personal) provides teachers with the necessary teaching resources for each stage of smarter classroom teaching, including cloud-based courses, student lists, teaching materials, question banks, classroom notes, assessment results, teaching videos, etc. They can also produce learning portfolios, grade and diagnostic analysis reports based on students' classroom interaction data. Teachers can use personal courses, personal resources, and personal activities for free. 
AClass ONE
Learning Companion
 allows students to do asynchronous assessment tests, polls, surveys, and homework online, allowing them to view and perform activities and do remedial learning using their mobile devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones. Student accounts require students to register and log in (free) to join teachers' personal courses and related activities for free. 
HiTeach 928 provides multiple tools, including: Whiteboard Tools (Multiple Pen Types, Eraser, PowerPoint File Import/animation effects, E-Note, Page List/Page Zoom...), Multi-interactive Teaching (Scoreboard, Teaching Aids, Geometric Tools, Multimedia Library, Screen Annotation, Screen Capture...), Focus Tool for Learning (Multiple Sources of Student List, Pick-out, Timer, Spotlight/Screen Curtain/Mask Tool, Numbering Stamps/Stickers...), HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App (PowerPoint Clicker, Classroom Management, Photo Transmission...). 
Note: IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service provides personal courses, personal question banks, and personal activities, which are free for teachers to use with their students using AClass ONE Learning Companion. If a school purchases IES Smarter School Management Service, the teachers of that school can further use the resources provided by the school.