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Plan 2: School-level Learning Assessment Analysis Plan

Data speaks for itself!
Cross-class smarter classroom assessment Overall analysis of learning assessment!


This plan is a value-added version of the School-level Learning Assessment Basic Plan. It added the PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System, so that the test results implemented in the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom can include analysis of the results of multiple classes, as well as a more diverse range of analysis charts and vectors. In this way, the overall review of students' learning outcomes will be more objective and accurate.

School-level Learning Assessment Analysis Plan

Set up Information
School-level Learning Assessment Analysis Plan
IES School Smarter Management Service (1 year) provides school-level application and management services, allowing school administrators to uniformly set up school periods, subjects, grades, class time, etc.; establish school classes, student lists and accounts, and create school courses with corresponding classes and teachers; establish questions banks and teaching resources for each subject; and start cross-class assessment, survey, and polling activities..., helping schools with systematically application and management. 
Mobile or IRS
Smarter Classroom
 provides multiple tools, including: Whiteboard Tools (Multiple Pen Types, Eraser, PowerPoint File Import/animation effects, E-Note, Page List/Page Zoom...), Multi-interactive Teaching (Scoreboard, Teaching Aids, Geometric Tools, Multimedia Library, Screen Annotation, Screen Capture...), Focus Tool for Learning (Multiple Sources of Student List, Pick-out, Timer, Spotlight/Screen Curtain/Mask Tool, Numbering Stamps/Stickers...), HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App (PowerPoint Clicker, Classroom Management, Photo Transmission...), Synchronous Interaction, Synchronous Task (Mobile Smarter Classroom), Synchronous Test, immediate interactive review on test results, etc. 
PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System (LAAS)
(Subject/1 year)
⦁ It provides:
1.    Analysis reports on assessment activities, including Score Analysis, Placement Analysis, Test Question Analysis, Key Concept Mastery, and Cognitive Level Mastery, etc. 
2.    Student Learning Ability Distribution and you can customize the Meet-the-target Rate to quickly grasp the achievement status of learning objectives.
3.    Question Placement Analysis, Grade Single-question Scoring Rate Statistics, degree of question abnormality, Two-way Analysis Table of the overall questions, questions R1~R6 analysis, to help teachers track the status of the questions.
⦁ Can analyze each subject (separately), and can produce 500 students' learning status analysis report.
AClass ONE
(500 students/1 year)
 allows students to do asynchronous assessment tests, polls, surveys, and homework online, allowing them to view and perform activities and do remedial learning using their mobile devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones. The 500 students refer to the number of student accounts that can be logged in daily after the student accounts (not self-registered by students) established by the school administrator are assigned to the students. 
Other optional items
AClass ONE Additional purchase
(1 student/1 year)
If the usage limit exceeds 500 in-school students per day, additional students can be purchased based on the number of students that need to be online. 
LAAS (Subject) Additional purchase
(100 students/1 year)
If the number of students included in the PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System (subject) exceeds 500, additional purchases can be made according to the number of students required. 
Data Storage Service
(School, 100G/1 year)
Data Storage Service = data service + space storage, with space as the unit of pricing. If the school data storage service is centrally purchased by the school and is not specifically assigned to individual teachers, then the teachers can edit the school question bank, school teaching material, school syllabus, and other applications while space deductions are automatically done. 
Note: Each school only needs to purchase one set of IES Smarter School Management Service and one set of PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System. Students need to use AClass ONE to access the school platform to use school resources, and the standard set is 500 students per day. If more AClass ONE is needed, you can purchase more according to the demand. For Mobile Smarter Classroom or IRS Smarter Classroom, the purchase is based on the number of classrooms in demand. If the budget is limited, it is recommended to build classrooms for a school year or subject-specific classrooms first to show the overall benefits.