Enterprise sustainability Actively give back to the public interest

Corporate social responsibility 

"Education is public welfare" is the philosophy that the Chairman of the Group-Wu has often communicated with the team members of TEAM Model, so that we could keep constant thinking on the essence of "education" which should "take it from society and give back to the society." HABOOK Group has been cultivating smarter education for many years. They have cooperated with more units to make good use of various social resources to provide students with a better smarter teaching environment and achieve student-centered and one-to-one educational ideals with the latest technology and the guidance of modern education concept.

Support the "Smarter Education Movement" public welfare program to help teachers grow professionally


In order to realize the one-to-one, student-centered teaching, learning community, team-based learning and other modern teaching concepts, a public welfare program "Smarter Education Movement" launched by "Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association (TTLITDA)" and supported by HABOOK Group has assisted the development of smarter teachers and teacher professional development in three stages. This program has won the "Top 100 choice of Innovative Education" in "Education•Parenting Family Lifestyle" magazine.

More than 17,000 teachers, 3000 schools responded


Huang Zhenyu Teacher from Wan Dan Elementary school, Pingtung County

The times are innovating, education is also changing; therefore, we must try to find out the difference of students. Education is not to inject a bucket of water, but to ignite the fire of students to discover the needs of students, to create the greatest value of each student, even to look forward to stand at the beginning of the child’s dream, showing the love and respect of education. 

Wu Yufen Teacher from Longshan High School, Taipei City

I have been using PPT for a long time, but I always feel that it is not flexible enough to give instant feedback. I started to understand it deeply until a study teacher shared this excellent activity with me. It is not difficult to bring it really into the classroom. All need is the first one step that the teacher is willing to change. When I see the concentration from child's eyes, the atmosphere in the class will be changed with the group feedback to be positive. I believe this is a trend and a choice as well! So I support the public program “Smarter Education Movement”.

Lai Yinian Teacher from Sanyi High School, Miaoli County

The two things which are most easily forgotten in life should be the umbrella and the original intention. It is very easy to detect when the umbrella is lost, while the original intention is hard to be discovered once being lost. "Educational cause" is not an umbrella for rain, it also isn’t something that we can buy from the convenience store. It depends on the experience of the teacher to pass on life and to ignite the original intention of education.So I support the public program “Smarter Education Movement”.

Support the " Taiwan' Hope Project of Remote Rural Districts" to cultivate the key learning power that affects children's life

 Across 1000 kilometers, assisting in more than 1,200 students

The lack of educational resources, stable teachers, and cultural incentives in the rural areas can easily lead to insufficient academic ability of the students. Therefore, "Taiwan' Hope Project of Remote Rural Districts" launched by TTLITDA together with the "Taiwan Literacy Teaching Research Association" and supported by HABOOK Group has assisted 13 elementary schools and high schools in rural areas. And there has been 16 classes that set up a distance 1+1 smarter classroom to help about 1,200 students developing their reading interest and their language skills. To establish a on-going distance smartness alliance to link the educational resources of urban and rural areas, to conduct one-year distance counseling, distance learning, distance teaching, and distance communication under TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom to enhance the overall education in the rural areas, it not only helps the children in the rural areas improving their reading comprehension, but also enables teachers from all over the world to achieve professional growth through the exchange. This program has won the "Taiwan 100" of "Global Views Educational Foundation Monthly" as an excellent project.

 Concerned about Wenchuan   Science and Technology for promoting the local poverty alleviation in rural areas


A magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan in 2008, causing more than 100,000 casualties. This earthquake also shattered the hope of many children to go to school. Wenchuan has still been in an area with relatively scarce resources till today.

In 2013, Chengdu Normal University proposed the UGSE (University–Government-School-Enterprises) collaborative innovation model. This program did play the advantages of "government support, school-enterprise cooperation, mutual benefit and resource sharing", it also cooperated with HABOOK Group to donate millions of equipment for public welfare and to build TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom for Wenchuan. Then it connected Wenchuan II Elementary school and Chengdu ELDU Experimental Primary School, Ziteng Campus which enabled the teachers of Ziteng Campus to normalize distance smarter teaching. So that they could use this to introduce Chengdu's rich teaching resources to further improve the predicament due to the lack of stimulation and teachers, and to narrow the gap of education homogeneity. Let TEAM Model plant the seeds of hope in the minority areas successfully and soon bloomed.

Jiangbei, Ningbo  Distance 1+1 to narrow the uneven resources in urban and rural areas


In order to support the Jiangbei, Ningbo areas to implement the public welfare policy of unimpeded and accurate assistance, to bridge the gap between urban and rural resources, and to improve the schooling dilemma of children of rural migrant workers, HABOOK Group donated the devices with the value more than millions to create a TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom at the beginning of 2016.

As the best school in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, Huizhen Academy is equipped with quite good resources and student sources. Ningbo Xiuren School is located in the suburbs of Jiangbei District, it is with relatively insufficient resources and many students are the children of rural migrant workers as the remote location. The average score difference between the students in the two schools exceeded 30 points before introducing the Distance Smarter Classroom.

With the using of the system supported by TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom at these two schools to implement distance Joint Teaching and Joint Lesson Observation Feedback and lesson preparations every week, the urban and rural children learned and grew together regardless of space constraints. The participating classes of the two schools not only shared the benefit of stimulating growth of each other, but the children of the relatively rural Xiuren School have greatly reduced the difference in study performance due to this kind of learning resources after one year.

Feedback from the participating students

"I not only learned a lot at today’s lecture, but I also felt very happy. The other 401 class on the other side was also very excited. They kept the discussion with us. I really hoped that I would continue this way forever..."
"Looking at the smiles on the screen, just like they were sitting next to us, the network connected us tightly, how magical!"

234 new distance smarter teaching model through time and space !


Taipei Zhiqing Elementary School, Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School, Yangzhai Primary School in Tong'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, Sichuan Chengdu ELDU Experimental Primary School, Ziteng Campus established the "TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom Alliance Program". This program helped the broad community of teachers across the Taiwan Strait to learn and grow together through the TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom to promote the teaching mode of innovative and intelligent classrooms with the live broadcast.

 Feedback from teachers

“I don't know if the children could still longing for more after class. However, I really hope that we can continue with the next lecture after listening to the children's questions. And just let me start with their questions to make all explore and implement the smarter reading teaching, which could cultivate the children to apply what they have learned to the goal of life.”--Xu Huiling, Teachers from Zhi Qing Elementary School, Taipei