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TEAM Model uses Distance Smarter Classroom to shorten the urban-rural gap in education

The "Hope Project of Remote Rural Districts" project, initiated by Professor Chen Xinxi and the TEAM Model by the "Taiwan Literacy Research Association", has entered its sixth year, in order to show how the Distance Smarter Classroom can help the hometown and break the time and space constraints of education. On May 10th, Professor Chen Xinxi conducted a long-distance wisdom open class at the TEAM Model global headquarters in Taipei, connecting the Chiayi National Elementary School and the Pingtung Gaoshu Elementary School. On the same day, the head of Wengzhang County of Chiayi County and the director of the Education Department of Chiayi County, Deng Jinquan, also went to Lumanguo to attend classes with children, and more than 100 teachers participated in this Distance Smarter Classroom through YouTube live broadcast.

Chen Xinxi teaches the second-year listening, speaking, reading and writing course "Helping the Sisters" to help the children of Chiayi and Pingtung to interact with each other through IRS in Taipei through the TEAM Model Distance Smarter Classroom, turning the ideas of the two children into data. With the chart, and through the use of technology aids to interact with children from different places, the whole class is not only full of laughter, but also achieve learning goals.

The head of Wengzhang County of Chiayi County, who attended the class together, said that the course was very interesting. The county magistrate said: "This kind of distance teaching is fully developed, which not only makes the learning process more lively, but also can share teaching and class experience with each other. Distance teaching It has indeed shortened the gap between urban and rural areas. I hope that in the future, Chiayi County will be able to promote more and implement digital flipping."

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