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The big rain will not pour out the enthusiasm of the teachers on the two sides of the strait for wisdom education!

From the representative of Mr. Xu Dawei from Beixinguo, he went to Beijing to communicate with the teacher Liu Jiaying of Peixin Elementary School on the multi-disciplinary “study” of the subject area.

First, the teacher Liu Jiaying from Pei Xin Primary School came on the scene. The teacher distributed a number of different graphic physical textbooks for the students to conduct group discussions, spelling the textbook into different shapes, using the HiTA Smart Assistant Teaching APP to shoot the student's work, and immediately uploading the screen for the whole class to watch. Carry out the work to observe. The teacher of Xu Dawei in the North New Country is combining the content of the course with the adventure of the secret, so that the students are very devoted to the classroom, combining the technology and the physical teaching materials, magically taking out the graphic teaching materials from behind the screen, and letting the scenes be viewed from a distance. The teacher exclaimed again and again.

At the same time, the teachers at the Beixin Guoxiao site used the AI ​​Sokrates APP to conduct simultaneous lectures and immediately commented on the current teaching behavior. After the class, the report generated by Sokrates Video allows the teachers on both sides of the strait to synchronize distance learning. Even if they are in a different place, technology breaks the space limit and successfully helps teachers grow professionally!


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