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Taoyuan City share teaching achievements of the 12-Year Basic Education Curricula promoting

In response to the Direction Governing for the 12-Year Basic Education Curricula, the Taoyuan City Education Bureau held an open class observation workshop, invited Principal Xu Yanzheng of Shanfeng Elementary School and Principal He Xinzhāng of Guang Ming Junior High School to demonstrate the open class. Nearly 100 principals and teachers participated in the event, and lots of educatin scholars watched the live broadcast through Internet.

Lin Weizhi, deputy director of the Taoyuan City Education Bureau, said that Taoyuan is a new model city recognized by the Ministry of Education. Taoyuan education must be strong! Sharing open classes, teachers should take "empowering each child" as obligation, and learning from each other.

Principal He Xinzhāng of Guang Ming Junior High School used the method of distinguishing squid and squid as the subject of the course. Students voted for the answer through the IRS, the chart generated automatically by system were showed on screen right aftre. Principal He then gave different text materials according to the students' learning status, let the students ask questions and do group discussion. After that, He conducted a Re-Check Quiz, and immediately learned the differences of students' learning status before and after the discussion. Principal He's class was perfectly realized the value of student-centered teaching, and has been praised by other principals!