Global News in Smarter Education

TEAM Model is in the Middle East!

A few days ago, former Kuwaiti Minister of Education Dr. Bader H. Beneisa and Ms. Lama Salhab, President of Islamic Educational College (IEC) from Jordan came to Taiwan to learn new knowledge of TEAM Model Smarter Education System, including how to use HiTeach 3.0 for Synchronous Differentiated Instuction Teaching, as well as simultaneous class discussion through AI Sokrates, to achieve professional growth of teachers.

Principal Ms. Lama also said that in their school, through TBL and TEAM Model Smarter Education, with a student's lithograph, it is really effective to achieve personalized teaching and drive learning. In order to promote the professional growth of teachers, IEC introduced AI Sokrates and cooperated with the establishment of Sokrates channel to promote international exchanges!

The IEC Sokrates channel currently has 4 films, including Arabic lessons, English lessons, and math and science classes taught in English ttp://

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