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“HiTeach TA's Six Knacks for Teaching” - Easy to achieve effective Smarter Lesson

 HiTeach TA is the basic entry-level version of the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, the HiTA Teaching Assistant App provides teachers with team-based learning and work comparison Smarter Classroom, allowing them to easily realize an efficient Smarter Classroom. TEAM Model provides 6 Knacks of HiTeach TA for teachers to achieve more effective applications when teaching.

  Knack 1   Scan with HiTA to login

HiTA APP is the key for teachers to enter the world of TEAM Model. Use HiTA APP to scan the QR code in HiTeach to log in with TEAM Model ID, then you can use your smartphone to connect to HiTeach to operate the classroom interaction. You will also be able to access the teacher's cloud-based course resources and link to HiTools, TEAM Model website, and the Sokrates Channel.


The HiTA APP has many built-in HiTeach interactive features for teachers to use flexibly.

  Knack 2  Real-time image capture

HiTA APP uses the smartphone's camera to upload photos, videos, and live videos, allowing teachers to present students' works, discussion processes, or group achievements in video format for sharing with the class.

  Knack 3  Building name list is so convenient

Teachers can create student name lists instantly, and student photos, seat numbers, and groups can all be set. After the lesson is over, E-Note and teaching record can be uploaded with one click to facilitate teachers' course planning.

  Knack 4  PPT usage upgrade - Writing, Pick-out, object move

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System integrates the functions of PPT (PowerPoint). Not only can you play videos & use hyperlinks, but also do functions that PPT cannot do, such as screen annotation and saving E-Note. In addition, you can use SMART Pick-out, Scoreboard, moving objects, and other technology interactions to achieve a more diversified and rich course design.

  Knack  Record classroom record on Cloud

After lessons, classroom records will automatically be uploaded onto IES Smarter Teaching Service. Teachers can use the IES Smarter Teaching Service to view their E-Notes and different kinds of lesson statistics, and the various applications on the IES cloud platform allow teachers to manage classes more efficiently.

  Knack 6  Access School-based Syllabus on Cloud

Teachers can edit their School-based Syllabus and access them in the cloud, share them with other teachers on the platform, and co-edit these teaching resources, making it easier for teachers to prepare lessons through teamwork.