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Smarter Assessing and Big Data Diagnosis Analysis: High-efficient Assessment Diagnosis Learning Condition All in Hand

Take Control of Learning Condition   Precise Decision
We often see doctors use reports generated from sophisticated medical equipment to diagnose their patients and give the right antidote. In the field of teaching, teachers can be like doctors by using assessment data to conduct data decisions. Teachers can use learning diagnosis analysis reports to understand student learning condition and provide effective individual counseling strategies to different students.

Based on learning diagnosis analysis report, teachers can identify weaknesses and improve them by using the right strategies

To put it simply, Smarter Assessing is the automated application of assessing, diagnosing, and remediation. We will introduce detailed features and highlights below.
Smarter Assessing  Highlight of Smarter Assessing  Smarter Assessing   Data Analysis  Highlight of Big Data Diagnosis Analysis Service Smarter Assessing integrates big data and cloud platform services

Smarter Assessing
Answer+Mark+Generate Reports in one go
Assessment is the best way to test and understand student learning condition. Different from the general way of taking paper tests, Smarter Assessing is conducted in TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. Students use IRS (Interactive Response System) or Web IRS to answer questions, and the outcome and statistics are automatically generated. Reviews on test questions can be held immediately in class, and learning diagnosis analysis reports can be viewed after class for more detailed analysis and precise instruction. This is the best display model of Smarter Assessing in modern classrooms.

Students use IRS (Interactive Response System) to answer questions and do all kinds of technology interaction

TEAM Model Smarter Assessing is very suitable to apply in daily lessons for having formative assessments, reviewing exams, and stimulating tests.

The process of “editing questions to exporting reports” of Smarter Assessing


Highlight of Smarter Assessing
  • Multiple ways of editing questions   Instantly save online
Teachers can edit questions in multiple ways, including PowerPoint, HiTeach, Excel, and online question bank. It can also pair up with the syllabus function of IES to save it on cloud service, and use it anytime and anywhere.
  • Immediately review   Analyze question by question
Teachers can pre-set questions and answers, and the system will automatically mark the exam after the assessment. The class can view outcome statistics of every question, allowing the review to focus on harder questions, thus enhancing the learning effect. In addition, automated marking tests and grading scores save teachers heavy works and time.

Decide questions review strategy based on data
  • SelfPace Test Mode,  Start using with any test paper
Any test paper can be used to do Smarter Assessing! Teachers only need to hand out the test paper, set the number of questions in HiTeach, and start the SelfPace Mode. Students read the questions on the test paper and answer with IRS (Interactive Response System) at each student’s own pace, question by question. At the end of the exam, teachers set the correct answers, and the outcome will be generated immediately. This is a suitable way to give exams in impromptu situations when questions are not prepared beforehand.

  • Instantaneous SelfPace Review   High-efficent exam review
After doing the exam with SelfPace Mode, the class can enter SelfPace Review to review the exam. Using statistics charts of answering data and HiTeach’s interactive functions, the class can review with high efficiency, and learning results can be improved greatly. 

  • Remediation for incorrect answered questions   Strengthen learning
Smarter Assessing highly integrates with IES Smarter Teaching Service, allowing teachers and students to view the outcome and detailed analyzed data on cloud services. Students can log in AClass ONE Learning Companion to review questions they didn’t answer correctly with remediation materials provided by the teacher beforehand. Self-review is a high-efficient way of remediation.

Help students to grasp their own assessment data and review effectively, and provide automated remediation for questions

Smarter Assessing   Data Analysis In a general exam, there is usually only a total score record. If a teacher wants to analyze every student’s learning condition and make precise counseling decisions based on the exam data, what does the teacher do? Some teachers use Excel to key in students’ answers question by question and use formulas to display analysis results.
However, this is a time-consuming and laborious method. If the school were to do an interclass learning condition analysis, it will be as difficult as climbing to the sky.

The integrated application of TEAM Model Smarter Assessing and big data diagnosis analysis service saves the time to mark test paper and can quickly generate learning diagnosis analysis reports. The result of assessments will be uploaded to the IES cloud service, and the system will use learning analysis theory with big data mining to generate learning diagnosis analysis reports that are complete and exact, helping schools and teachers quickly understand the learning condition of students. Moreover, large-scale interclass or interschool assessments and analysis can be done. Teachers can teach better, and students can learn better.

Designed with various academic theories
TEAM Model’s big data diagnosis analysis is a data analysis model designed with various academic theories. It can analyze student stability, learning capacity, key concepts, and cognitive category. It can also analyze question abnormality and answering condition to analyze the accuracy and effectiveness of the exam. It is a diagnosis analysis model that accomplishes both teaching and learning.

Interclass Service
TEAM Model Smarter Assessing and big data diagnosis analysis systematically integrate the process of assessment, data collecting & mining, and generating diagnosis analysis reports. Not only can it be used for class learning diagnosis, but it can also be used for interclass services, providing a more effective and efficient way for the school to conduct large-scale assessments and data collecting.

Highlight of Big Data Diagnosis Analysis Service
  • Automated data collecting & report generating
The outcome of exams is automatically organized and analyzed by the system to generate diagnosis analysis reports. Teachers don’t need to spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing data.

  • Quickly grasp learning condition   Remediation at once
After the assessment, teachers can use charts to review and provide individual counseling strategies to disadvantaged students based on student diagnosis analysis.
  • Individual diagnosis report   Enhance self-directed learning
Student individual assessment diagnosis reports can be used for the teachers and students to understand learning condition. Based on each student’s condition, teachers can provide personal care and enhance self-directed learning.

  • Provide various types of analysis report
Big data diagnosis analysis provides analysis services such as individual student, class, interclass, and interschool reports. These reports show the group learning stability and placement analysis.

  • Master the effectiveness of test questions
Big data diagnostic analysis can analyze the difficulty and abnormality of test questions, making question-editing scientific, credibility, and effectiveness.

Smarter Assessing integrates big data and cloud platform services
TEAM Model Smarter Assessment systematically integrates the processes of assessment, data collecting & mining, and generating diagnostic analysis reports. It combines the collected data with various academic theories to promptly provide data decisions for teaching strategies. Besides reducing the burden of teachers and assessing the effectiveness of test questions, it allows teachers to quickly understand student learning condition, to teach students according to their aptitude, and to nurture by nature.
Cloud service provides individual diagnosis analysis and remediation resources, allowing students to take control of their learning effectiveness and enhance their self-directed learning competency. It is a service that fully applies the values of teaching (T), evaluation (E), diagnosis (A), and remediation (M).