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Student Portal - Advance Deployment of TEAM Model Self-Directed Learning, Students New Experience in Self-learning

~Student Portal - Advance Deployment of TEAM Model Self-Directed Learning, Students New Experience in Self-learning~

The coronavirus isn’t showing any sign of stopping. Pre-deploy with TEAM Model Self-directed Learning, prepare a second string to your bow.

TEAM Model’s cloud service, the IES Smarter Teaching Service, is an online learning management platform that can be used to set up self-learning courses at home. The school prepares syllabus materials for all subjects on the IES and distribute them to the students, allowing students to do self-learning at home.

Teachers collaboratively prepare syllabus (including resources, assignments, exams) and distribute them for students to do online self-learning at home. Students log in with passwords to the school’s exclusive platform, and after seeing the homepage of the AClass ONE Learning Companion App, students can follow the order showed in the images below to do self-learning.

The following images(A-E) will show a simple scenario of online self-learning with resources, assignments, and exams for students. The demonstration is as below:

。Login AClass ONE
1. Login to the exclusive TEAM Model School Cloud Platform

。Use AClass ONE for self-directed learning, assignment and assessment
2. Services include: courses, self-directed learning, online assignment, online exam, learning videos, E-Notes, assessment record, diagnostic report and remediation.

A:Student Portal:  Round the clock online learning material, assignment and assessment for progressive learning

。Choose from the published self-directed learning course unit

1. Self-directed learning lessons
2. Self-directed learning resources
3. Description of Video
4. Lesson Discussion Forum

。Play video and learn 
5. Play self-directed learning video

B:Self-Directed Learning 1:Learning Video

。Choose the online exam item
1. Self-directed learning resources
2. Description of online exam
3. Start button for online exam
4. Results and analysis button

。Do online exam
5. Do online exam
6. Press to submit

C:Self-Directed Learning 2:Online Exam

。Choose the short question item
1. Short question(Q&A)。
2. Press to start answering

。Answer the short question
3. Answering
4. Press to finish

D:Self-Directed Learning 3:Short Question(Q&A)


 。Choose the assignment item
1. Assignment(upload assignment)
2. Download the attachment
3. Open the attachment(word, excel, PPT…)

。Upload after completion 
4. Click to upload
5. Choose your work

E:Self-Directed Learning 4:Upload an Assignment

After understanding how the students can do self-learning, learn how the teachers prepare online learning
(Please read: ~Teacher Portal - Advance Deployment of TEAM Model Self-Directed Learning, 3-Step Lesson Preparation~)

TEAM Model Self-directed Learning is both efficient and effective, including advantages like:
1.    Sharing: The whole school collaboratively prepare syllabus materials
2.    Data: Learning progress data analysis
3.    Management: Automatic diagnostic and remediation
4.    Replicable: Multiple uses of courses system

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