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2019 The 4th Cross-Straits Smarter Class Team Invitational Tournament - Taoyuan Team won three consecutive championship

TEAM Model Smarter Education System is the top three!

The 4th Cross-Strait Smarter Class Team Invitational Tour ended in Huzhou Deqing on May 24th, 2019. In this competition, a total of 19 city teams and several wisdom education support systems participated in the competition. The TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System won a great victory, defeating most well-known systems in the mainland and hosting the champion, runner-up and runner-up.

The Taoyuan team from Taiwan is the biggest winner of the competition. 2017, 2018, 2019, and the team champions in successive years, showing that Taiwan teachers are very skilled and professional in teaching design, classroom situation, and technology application. Representing the region.

Power Wu, the founder of the TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System, said: "This competition once again proves that the martial arts status of the TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System is like that of the Eternal Sword and the Dragon Slayer. It is a common weapon that cannot compete." Whether you are a junior or not, you can apply a good support system to help teachers integrate technology into teaching.

The participating team teachers are also very grateful to the Taoyuan City Education Bureau for their great support and given a lot of logistical assistance to let the teachers have no worries for the Taoyuan honor.

Let us once again congratulate the Taoyuan team and win the 4th Cross-Strait Smarter Class Invitational Championship!