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防疫不停學最佳解決方案 視訊會議直播+LINE+HiTeach互動教學



Learning Never Stop, Countering the Pandemic - Video-Conference System+AClass ONE+HiTeach

Thank goodness there is the Internet!

To counter the pandemic and let learning keep on rolling, teachers turn to the Internet and start live-streaming lessons. However, if there is no interaction in these lessons, it will just be online cramming education. The learning effectiveness is of great concern.

By combining a third-party video-conference system, AClass ONE Mobile, and HiTeach, a live-streaming distance interacting classroom is formed, letting the lessons be with effective interaction, synchronous differentiated instruction, and autonomy under group learning, displaying learning scenario of TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning.

After the teacher set up video-conference system with HiTeach and ask students to use AClass ONE Mobile to connect, live-streaming interacting teaching begins, allowing material interaction, message interaction, photo interaction, and IRS interaction.

Below is the instruction of students using AClass ONE Mobile to connect HiTeach to start a live-streaming interacting lesson:
Step 1:Start AClass ONE Mobile (ACM) App
Step 2:  Scan QR Code or input Classroom Code from HiTeach 

With the 2-Step Smarter Classroom Interaction Setup, live-streaming interacting teaching can begin.