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TEAM Model Automated-remediation Service - PLAYTOL Clips

In the past, after exams/tests, the teacher would review the incorrect items (
questions that are not answered correctly) in class. But often, because of the limited time in class, it was not possible to review the questions multiple times or more in-depth. The teacher has already begun to explain the next question before students can fully absorb the review content. Content and knowledge that students are unfamiliar with are harder to learn.

So, to let students review more accurately, be able to review multiple times, and reduce the burden of teachers, TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System has developed an automated-remediation solution to improve the effectiveness of remedial teaching.
The following chapters will introduce TEAM Model PLAYTOL service:
What is PLAYTOL Clips ►How to produce PLAYTOL Clips Application of PLAYTOL Clips More features

Automated-remediation Service –PLAYTOL Clips 
TEAM Model has accumulated over 20 years of educational technology research achievements. To enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of reviewing for students, TEAM Model proposes a new solution: " PLAYTOL Clips".

PLAYTOL Clips are teaching/explanation video clips that are automatically generated during teaching activities when using HiTeach Smarter Teaching System. It is produced by taking teaching video that has review (remedial) value after calculation & analysis based on in-class teaching interaction data. PLAYTOL Clips is automatically uploaded to each student's cloud account, so students can log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion App, and review accurately by watching video clips according to their own learning situation.

How to produce PLAYTOL Clips
To generate PLAYTOL Clips , the class first needs to do IRS activities (whether it is a general IRS test or SelfPace Mode exam). After the test/exam, press the record button when the teacher starts reviewing/explaining question by question. After review, the system will automatically generate a review video for each question. PLAYTOL Clips can be produced after either review of general IRS tests or SelfPace Reviews.

The principle of PLAYTOL Clips is it automatically divides the whole recorded review video based on each IRS test question. It matches each divided review video to its corresponding question.
The videos will be automatically uploaded to the TEAM Model IES Cloud, and students can view their own incorrect items while watching the review videos.
★As long as the review time of a question lasts for more than 15 seconds, its PLAYTOL Clips can be generated.

Students can enter "Remediation" in AClass ONE Learning Companion App, and watch PLAYTOL Clips to review question by question at home.
PLAYTOL Clips can generate question by question review video clips without using additional editing tools. Teachers only need to press the record button to record the review process, and the students can review more accurately and efficiently.

The automatically generated PLAYTOL Clips can also be extracted for wider use!
Each PLAYTOL Clips has its own URL link. It can be put into the question bank, and for other teachers that use the same question bank, their students can watch the same PLAYTOL Clips on AClass ONE. In other words, other teachers don’t need to record the same video. By sharing resources, the school can create a remediation database.

Teachers can also publish the question bank to "Online Exam" and "Self-Directed Learning" on AClass ONE. After students finish answering on AClass ONE, they can go to "Remediation" and watch PLAYTOL Clips to review.
Introduction video of PLAYTOL Clips

More features
To enhance students' absorption of knowledge when reviewing, TEAM Model automated-remediation service allows students to accurately review on their own. Using AClass ONE, they can watch PLAYTOL Clips, supplementary teaching materials, and assessment information. They can view diverse remedial & review resources.

Other features of the automated-remediation service:
1. Critical Question / Difficult Question
2. Classification by difficulty
3. Sort & display incorrect items
4. Remedial resources for each question
5. Detail information of assessment

  • Critical Question / Difficult Question
Students can mark a test question as Critical Question or Difficult Question in "Remediation" of AClass ONE. They can later sort and display them, making remedial learning more focused.
  • Classification by difficulty
Questions are categorized according to their level of difficulty, allowing students to decide the proportion and intensity of review.
  • Sort & display incorrect items
Students can sort & displayed correct/incorrect items to review. Concentrate more on incorrect items to make the reviews more efficient and accurate.
  • Remedial resources for each question
Teachers can add remedial resources for each question to provide students with more learning content.

  • Detail information of assessment
The TEAM Model automated-remediation service can effectively organize assessment data. It can display all the correct/incorrect items, the class score, the number of correct items and the scoring rate, etc. It can also produce an individual diagnostic report for every student, so every student can self-study more accurately.

The key to remedial teaching is not how much teachers teach, but how much students learn. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of remedial teaching is to let students enter the state of self-directed learning. TEAM Model automated-remediation service provides a complete solution for self-remedial learning, which makes it easier for students to self-study and let them love learning even more.

For teachers, by using HiTeach Smarter Teaching System for data decision, they can find students' weaknesses more quickly and provide in-depth remedial strategies. Also, with automated-remediation service, teachers only need to concentrate on explaining questions and the process of explaining questions will be automatically produced as PLAYTOL Clips, allowing students to review again afterward.

TEAM Model automated-remediation service successfully helps teachers to review questions more easily and allows students to remedy incorrect items more efficiently, making it an excellent way for modern remedial teaching.