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Digital Lesson Observation Practice | "Understanding Fractions" by Wen Shih-Zhan, An-Ho Elementary School

Publicly observed lessons are an essential part of every teacher's job. In Taiwan, the Ministry of Education's "Reference Principles for Public class" states that schools must Collaborative lesson preparation/Lesson Sharing, Public Lectures/ Lesson Observation, Post-Observation Meeting/ Lesson Feedback , as well as keep records of the items they perform.

In the past, lesson observation required a lot of administrative work for schools and teachers, as well as guidance from experts. Now, with the Digital Lesson Observation model brought by TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, the tasks of lesson observation can be completed efficiently.

Teachers will be able to teach and observe public lessons with less effort and with better collection results. The Sokrates system integrates Collaborative lesson preparation/
Lesson Sharing, Public Lectures/ Lesson Observation, Post-Observation Meeting/ Lesson Feedback, and automatically generates four types of teaching and research data, including Sokrates Video, Sokrates Report, Sokrates Lesson Observation Form, and Excel lesson deliberation report, to promote the effectiveness and quality of literacy-oriented teaching and research.

Conclusion Value of Digital Lesson Observation

In the following, we will use the lesson "Knowing Fractions" taught by Wen Shih-Chan at An-Ho Elementary School in New Taipei City to introduce a case study of a  Digital Lesson Observation.
  • Host: Principal, Hsing Hua Elementary School, New Taipei City
  • Teaching demonstration: Mr. Wen Shih-Chan, An-Ho Elementary School, New Taipei City - Understanding Fractions
  • Digital Lesson Observation System Operation: Dr. Liang , Vice President of  Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute & Mr. David Hsu, Beixin Elementary School, New Taipei City
    Introduction of Digital Lesson Observation Environment


The open class was conducted as a live public observation, with both students and observers present at the teaching site.
  • Public Lectures/ Lesson Observation-The teacher observer and the expert use the Sokrates Lecture Observation App to directly evaluate the lesson during the course (you can use photos and text records); the teacher mainly presents the content on the electronic whiteboard with PPT, and the student group uses the small whiteboard to discuss and give feedback to the teacher.
  • Post-Observation Meeting/ Lesson Feedback-By using the Sokrates video that integrates all the lecture records at the end of the class, the video can be quickly switched to the corresponding time point by clicking on the marker record of any viewer, which is convenient for lecture explanation and review, and demonstrates the value of Digital Lesson Observation! (Supplementary note: The teacher who taught the class did not use the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System to accompany the class, therefore, the data records of digital media application during the interactive teaching process cannot be collected.)
  • Sokrates Lesson Observation Form Auto Output

The elements of Digital Lesson Observation
(The teacher can use it without TEAM Model)

   Digital Lesson Observation Process

This is an applied class that integrates the teaching concept of "learning community" in mathematics subject, organized by the Mathematics Counseling Group of New Taipei City Elementary School.
The following is a description of the process: preparation, observation, explanation, and discussion. 

  Collaborative lesson preparation/

The core concept of the course design is the student-centered "learning community", which shifts the learning initiative from the teacher to the students and introduces students to the fractional units of mathematics through group discussions. The teachers and counseling team members often discuss and prepare lessons together, and fully communicate with each other about how the "learning community" is practiced in mathematics classes, and use this open class to put it into practice.

  Public Lectures/ Lesson Observation

Teacher Wen's classroom mainly uses PowerPoint to present content and uses HiTeach's whiteboard marker function.

In the lesson "Understanding Fractions", Mr. Wen's main activity was to allow students to solve the problems cooperatively within the group, and the digital teaching tools were only illustrated by PowerPoint, electronic whiteboard, and HiTeach.

The teachers were divided into inner circle teachers and outer circle teachers. In each student group, the inner circle teachers were assigned to observe the interactive discussions and cooperative problem solving of the students in the group.

The other teachers focused on the overall teaching content of the teachers, and used the Sokrates Lecture Observation App 's real-time marking and photo-taking functions to observe and record the teachers' teaching patterns and students' learning behaviors at any time.
Use the Sokrates Lecture Observation App to record students' answers, discussions, and interactions
Only focus on the teacher's teaching mode, and use the Sokrates Lecture Observation App to evaluate the lessons.

  Lesson Sharing

At the end of the class, before the discussion, Mr. Wen conducted a lecture session on the design of the lesson and answered the questions from the teachers.


  Post-Observation Meeting/ Lesson Feedback

Teachers' Discussion
The facilitator allows the inner circle teachers to discuss with the outer circle teachers in a 30-minute group session, allowing the teachers in the group to discuss and add data to their own evaluation records.

Teachers' discussion: The inner circle teachers and the outer circle teachers will have a 30-minute discussion in small groups, and they will also add and organize the evaluation records.

Classroom Teachers' Discussion -
The Sokrates video is a timeline review of the lesson, allowing the participants to see and understand the key points of the lesson more intuitively. The Sokrates video compiles all of the participants' comments, and by clicking on any participant's marker, the video quickly switches to the corresponding point in time, making it easy for the publisher to review the lesson description and the time point of the content.
(The content of the lesson review can be filtered according to time, reviewer, category, content, etc.)

Since the teacher who taught the class did not use the HiTeach, HiTA, IRS and other aids to conduct the teacher-student interaction session, the system was unable to collect the data records of the digital media application during the teacher-student interaction teaching process.If the teacher used HiTeach, HiTA, IRS and other aids to conduct the teacher-student interactive teaching session, the resulting Sokrates video would be a more complete information integrating "classroom teaching video", "behavioral data features" and "expert evaluation marks" as well as "AI artificial intelligence analysis".

Expert Guidance
Professor Ying-Chieh Chang from the Department of Education of National Taipei University was invited to give professional guidance and conclusion to the whole event.


   Sokrates Lesson Observation Form

Public classroom observation is a professional development activity that brings together the wisdom of teachers, and all teachers' observations are valuable. In order to reduce the burden, we use the Sokrates Lecture Observation App to make comments and take photos during the lesson, and then automatically generate a Sokrates Lesson Observation Form after the lesson.

Sokrates Lesson Observation Form contains
1.Lesson resources (videos, teaching materials, lesson plans...) 
2. Introduction to the lesson
3. Lesson observation record
4. Time and video links
5. Lesson observation photos or attachments
6. Sokrates report
7. Printable Sokrates Lesson Observation Form

The complete Sokrates Lesson Observation Form contains expert wisdom and artificial intelligence to automatically analyze the data features of teaching behaviors, including indices of technology interaction, pedagogy application and teaching material practice, as well as to gather synchronous and asynchronous evaluation marks from experts.

The Sokrates Lesson Observation Form is an automated output that has undergone a meticulous process to create a digital lesson observation record, establish an effective teaching and research model, and develop automated functions.

Automatic generation of observation class record sheets

   The New Style of Teaching, Learning and Research - The Golden Triangle of Education Data

The TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge not only solves teachers' pain points when observing lessons, but also makes it easier to execute the lesson observation. The application of technology tools also helps teachers pay attention to teaching and students' learning, so that they can clearly see whether teaching is really helping students.

In the teaching and research area, AI Smart Teaching and Research provides a one-stop solution for public observed classes, allowing smart teachers to easily achieve the goals required by the Ministry of Education in every part of the observed class, and to apply them to various teaching models and concepts.

 The Golden Triangle of Education Data
The New Style of Teaching, Learning and Research | Prof Power Wu

   Course Replay


Part1【Lesson sharing】
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Part 2 【Lesson Feedback】Post-Observation Meeting
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