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COVID-19 has affected schools and students around the world. With the belief that there is no border for education, HABOOK Group cooperated with the Department of Education, School Division of Batangas in the Philippines to help establish TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL) in 10 schools and provide HiTeach Mobile Smarter Teaching System to help teachers to do online teaching. This education public welfare inputs more than USD 320,000, and regularly invites education experts to share their experience and wisdom of online interactive teaching, and explore the models and patterns of AI smarter pedagogical review.

Friday. 16 April 2021, Bauan District - Batangas - Philippines, celebrated the successful complettion of Day 2 of their District INSET for School Principals and ICT Teachers.During this finale, close to 100 educators witnessed the highly engaging smarter lesson demonstrated by Maam Erlene Tumamning from Cupang Elementary School. 

In this social studies lesson, the teacher amazingly crafted a very effectiive and efficienf lesson, showcasing her integration of the 3 critical element of a smarter lesson, developing: Critical Thinking, Collaborative Learning and Creative Mindsets.

The POWER never rest in these passionated educators

The lesson was crafted with different activities sesmlessly integrated with TEAM Model Smarter Lesson design approach. The pedagiogical achievement assessed by TEAM Model AI was one of a excellent excution of different teaching approaches.

The whole INSET lesson demonstration was completed with the designer sharing her lesson design approach with fellow educators from Bauan District, followed by an indepth introduction of how TEAM Model AI Sokrates Video strategically combines Artifical Intelligence and Experts Profession Review.

A well designed social studies lesson complete with Critical Thinking, Collaborative Learning & Creative Mindsets.

Maam Kimverly anothet Master Smarter Teacher from Cupang, hosting the TEAM Model AI Sokrates Video analysis session..

This is such and effective teacher professional development live lesson demonstration and professional review exercise. What is even more valuable is the complete set of lesson resources will be available for w long time to allow future generation of teachers from Philippines teaching the same subject to benefit from this well executed lesson.

At Global TEAM Model  Education Research Institute, we salute Bauan District led by District Supervisor, Dr Joel Lubis, Principal of Cupang Elementary School Sir Ruel and the TEAM of Amazing Smarter Teacher from TEAM Cupang for the successful organisation of this proferssional development event.

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