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IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs "New Southbound Policy for New Growth" report HABOOK Group! Lets come look!

The Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs interviewed and reported the HABOOK Group and affirmed the development of HABOOK’s expansion in overseas markets. Thanks to the government for affirming and recommending our efforts in the international market over the years, so that the TEAM Model Smarter Education solution from Taiwan has a further opportunity to flourish in the world!

Meeting a good teacher is the luck of a student's life. HABOOK develops educational technology products and uses AI technology to help every good teacher become a better smart teacher. This report video mainly interviews the founder and chairman of the board, Professor Power, to share his smart education concept and marketing experience with everyone.

HABOOK Group has accumulated more than 20 years of educational technology research and development results. It has developed "✨TEAM Model AI Smart School Complete Solution✨" for frontline teachers. The product development technology integrates AI, big data analysis, IoT and other technologies to develop Cloud services for teaching and learning, teaching behavior analysis, student learning analysis services, smart school management services, etc. These products can not only assist teachers to show smart classrooms 👨‍🏫, but also bring opportunities for rural schools to join the ranks of smart schools.

HABOOK Group continues to establish a smart school map 🌏 around the world, and develops into different markets such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, etc., to assist the local development of smart classrooms and remote teaching.

FB full movie-Flipping the traditional education scene, HABOOK builds a smart school
►The original report on the official facebook fan page of the IDB of the Ministry of Economic Affairs: