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Happy Confucius Day! Sep 23-30 HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version: Buy 1 (year) and get 1 (year) free

Because of the epidemic, teachers have to move classrooms to the cloud or do online live/video teaching, we understand how important great tools are for teachers to use, so we launch HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version to help teachers to achieve efficient interactive online/offline teaching.
Happy Confucius Day! Buy 1 get and 1 free for a limited time, directly get two years!

Event Period: Sep 23-30 GMT+8



Special Bonus:

Online Smarter Teaching Workshops will be offered to subscribers during the event (Market value 110 USD)
Help you master the best teaching software, use it flexibly in your teaching


  Subscription Content:

Teacher side: HiTeach 5 (Professional version authorization) (1 set)
Student side: Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System (according to student number)
※TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion Project: Only teachers can subscribe to the program (teachers can only subscribe to this program on behalf of themselves); each person can only purchase 1 set; no resale is allowed.
※ Buy 1 year and get 1 year, subscription starts from the activation date

Stock Up!

  You Can Get:

-Super Useful Whiteboard Tool
-Multi-interactive Teaching Tool
-Focus Tool for Learning
-HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App
-Student Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System
-Smarter Classroom Master Tool: Assessment/Assignment/Activity/Allocation
-IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service (Personal Course)
-AClass ONE Learning Companion (Personal Course)

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