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Digital Lesson Observation series 4: Lesson Observation Form

Lesson Observation Form


The biggest advantage of Digital Lesson Observation is that the Lesson Observation Form is automatically generated after the lesson observation is over and the lesson observers do not need to spend any more time sorting out and writing lesson observation record sheets. With just one click to export and print and it is done, which greatly saves time and labor costs.

AI Sokrates lesson observation is an advanced model of digital lesson observation, which can automatically produce a more complete Lesson Observation Form, which fully records the data of the lesson observation, including lesson introduction, observation feedback/comments list, observation attachment, Sokrates Report, and pedagogical application norm reference table and so on.

• Lesson Description

Lesson Description is an item filled in manually by the teacher after the lesson observation is over. In addition, lesson resources such as teaching materials and teaching activity design sheets (lesson plan) can also be uploaded to the Lesson Examples Channel (platform), so the data and materials of the lesson observation can be completely collected.

• Observation Records

The content of observation records includes data such as participants, course context, focus of observation, number of students, number of student feedback, number of feedback, and list of observers' feedback. From the time hyperlink on the observation record table, which is linked with the feedback, you can automatically play the corresponding Sokrates Video of that time point and watch the in-class situation the feedback is referring to.

• Observation Attachment and Sokrates Report

Text feedback is listed in the Lesson Observation List, while feedback such as photos, audio, and video are listed in the Attachments area. If the lesson is combined with AI Sokrates service, the Sokrates Report will also be displayed in the lesson observation form.

• Pedagogical Applications Global Norm Reference Table

The reference table for this lesson and the global norm for the pedagogical application is presented, including the mean of each pedagogical application sub-index and the norm references for differentiation, T Index, and P Index. The global norm is a norm reference table obtained by the research team of the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institution through statistical analysis of lesson example data from around the world every year.

The Sokrates digital Lesson Observation Form fully preserves experts' wisdom and machine intelligence data in the Lesson Examples Channel, is an excellent way to inherit teaching wisdom, and can also be used as a library of innovative teaching wisdom.

# Repetitive and reproducible things are done by the machine
# Personalized hard-to-copy things are handed over to experts

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