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Digital Lesson Observation series 3: Sokrates Report

Sokrates Report

Sokrates Report is a data report produced immediately after AI Sokrates "watch" a lesson and analyzes the teaching behavioral data characteristics. In this way, by interpreting the Sokrates Report, you can quickly grasp the teaching pattern and "taste" a complete 40 minutes lesson in just 1 minute.

• Composition of Sokrates Report

The Sokrates Report is composed of two parts: 1. TPC Index and Technology Functions Triggered Times/Duration and 2. Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics.

The Technology Interaction (T) Index has five analysis indexes, T1: Data channel, T2: Data feedback, T3: Decision by statistics, T4: Focus on students, and T5: Multi-assessment. AI statistically analyzes the frequency and effective combination application of each index, and gives a sub-index and a total index.

The Pedagogical Application (P) Index has six analysis indexes, P1: Group learning, P2: Whole-class interaction, P3: Student center decision, P4: Whole-class assessment, P5: Individual learning, and P6: Multi-approach assessment. AI uses these six indexes to evaluate the effectiveness of Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics. The more effective teaching behavior data characteristics, the higher the index will be.

The Content Implementation (C) Index has five analysis indexes, C1: Teaching Design, C2: Teaching Process, C3: Teaching Effectiveness, C4: Technology Integration, and C5: Innovation. These analysis indexes need to be entered manually by experts, and combined with AI Sokrates's Technology Interaction (T) Index and Pedagogical Application (P) Index to form the TPACK, a smarter lesson evaluation index that deeply integrates Technological (T), Pedagogical (P), Content (C).

• Interpreting TPC Index

Technology Interaction (T) Index and Pedagogical Application (P) Index are used to distinguish the in-depth integration state of smarter lesson TPC by light signals. A score above 70 is displayed as a green light, a score of 50-70 is displayed as a yellow light, and a score below 50 is displayed as a red light. The red light means that the Technology Interaction or Pedagogical Application index is low, the yellow light means that the index is gradually approaching the application mature stage, and the green light means that it has reached a deep integration state. When a lesson's T and P indexes both show green lights, it is called a Sokrates double green light lesson.

By observing the frequency of technological interaction and the red, yellow, or green lights displayed by AI Sokrates, you can quickly and preliminarily interpret the basic state of the deep integration of this lesson.

• Interpreting Behavioral Characteristics

Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics is based on the interactive data pattern of the basic technology interaction function and the time axis. From the data pattern, you can observe the combined use, closed-loop use, and balanced use of the technology interaction function, and then you can further analyze the effectiveness of the Technology Interaction and Pedagogical Application.

Making good use of the visual data of Sokrates Report can help us to interpret the basic data pattern of a lesson quickly, and combined with the comprehensive interpretation of output data such as Sokrates Video and Lesson Observation Form, the main purpose of lesson digital observation can be achieved more accurately and efficiently.

# Repetitive and reproducible things are done by the machine
# Personalized hard-to-copy things are handed over to experts

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