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Digital Lesson Observation series 2: Sokrates Video

Sokrates Video

Sokrates Video is a service that uses the teaching behavioral data characteristics automatically collected in the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, the Sokrates AI Teaching Analytics Service developed exclusively by HABOOK, and the high-quality videos recorded with AI Terminal or AI camera to produce Sokrates Video and Sokrates Report. Sokrates Video not only automatically generates professional teaching analysis reports with AI (machine intelligence), but also integrates the feedback from lesson observation experts and teacher teams (expert wisdom), and uses visual charts as a reference for lesson observation discussions and teacher self-improvement.

Sokrates Video is mainly stored, presented, and managed through a lesson observation platform (i.e., the school's exclusive lesson examples channel). It is made up of data from each lesson observation and contains data such as in-class teaching video, teaching behavioral data characteristics, and expert feedback list/content. When playing the video, related data is automatically synchronized.

(Sokrates Video demo lesson link)

• Expert Page and AI Page

On the right side of the Sokrates Video, you can switch between the Expert Page and the AI Page. When switching to the Expert Page, a list of observers' feedback is displayed. When switching to the AI Page, the TPC index and technology interaction frequency analyzed by AI Sokrates are displayed.

• Expert Page Function Introduction

The Expert Page of Sokrates Video is divided into eight areas, which are explained as follows:

1. Video Information: Display basic information of the Sokrates Video.
2. Expert/AI Page Switch: Press the page switching button to switch between the Expert Page and the AI Page.
3. In-class Teaching Screen Video: The teaching screen video area has control functions such as fast-forwarding, rewinding, and full-screen playing.
4. Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics: Display basic technology interactive functions and timeline. Press the feature marker to play the video of that time point.
5. Opinion Curve (hot spot): Positive marking curve is green, negative marking curve is blue.
6. Expert Feedback List: All public, visitor, and private feedback items can be displayed. Providing a convenient filtering function.
7. Expert Feedback Content: The feedback content is presented, including the text, photos, audio, or video content from the observer (experts, teachers).
8. Add New Feedback (Comments): After the lesson observation is over, you can still give feedback at any time (for non-synchronized lesson observation).

Sokrates Video: Expert Page

• Video Information Area

The Sokrates Video information area includes the video title, lesson description, the link to the lesson overview page, and a button to copy the lesson example link. Clicking the SOKRATES button will bring you back to the lesson overview page and click the copy link button to share the lesson URL.


• Expert Feedback List

Expert Feedback List displays all items in chronological order and provides a convenient filtering function. You can filter by observers and categories. Click the copy hyperlink button to get the video clip hyperlink information. 

Feedback/Comments can be divided into three attributes: public, personal, and visitor. Only when the personal button is pressed will your own personal comments be displayed, and when the visitor button is pressed, the visitor comments are displayed (only the lesson instructor or administrator have this feature).

• Multi-data Linkage

The data in Sokrates Video are interlinked, including the timeline of five data items, including In-class Teaching Video, Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics, Opinion Curve, and Lesson ObservationFeedback List/Content. For example, when you click click Behavioral Data Characteristics, it will automatically switch to show the corresponding video and feedback.

Sokrates Video: Expert Page (Data linkage)

• TPC Index

Sokrates Video's AI Page includes: 9. Technology Interaction Index (T), 10. Pedagogical Application Index (P), 11. Content Implementation Index (C), and 12. Technology Functions Triggered Times/Duration.


AI Sokrates lesson observation innovates the model and process of digital lesson observation. The Sokrates Video is automatically generated on the lesson observation platform (the school's exclusive lesson examples channel) at the end of the lesson. During post-lesson observation discussions, the rich data and evidence from the Sokrates Video can make pedagogical reviews more accurate and efficient.

Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework

For related information, please refer to TPACK theoretical framework


# Repetitive and reproducible things are done by the machine
# Personalized hard-to-copy things are handed over to experts

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