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HiTeach 5 Application: Live Camera ⦁ Retake IRS ⦁ Smart Pick-out

Live Camera ⦁ Retake IRS ⦁ Smart Pick-out


• Live Camera

HiTeach 5 (including the free HiTeach 928) can integrate a variety of teaching materials resources (PPT, PDF, audio, and video multimedia ...). Among them, the most convenient teaching tool is the Live Camera, which can present real-time teaching materials or operation demonstrations. And if teachers do online live teaching, they can add the teacher camera in their presentation, so that when sharing desktop, teachers can integrate the teaching materials and teacher camera, making the visual learning effect better.

Multi-source switching support
(Document Camera & WebCam)
If your computer has multiple video devices, such as a WebCam (USB camera) for video conferencing, a document camera, etc., you can choose to switch between them at any time.
Adjust size or screenshot and paste back can all be done
The screen can be freely adjusted in size, maximized or minimized, and the screen can be pasted to the HiTeach page as a material.
The teacher's camera and teaching materials can be presented in real-time
When doing remote teaching, you can keep your own camera image visible, even after HiTeach is minimized.


  • Scenario 1: Import PPT into HiTeach for teaching and pair with live camera function
  • Scenario 2: Directly use PPT to teach and pair with live camera function
  • Scenario 3: Use any page in the computer as teaching material and pair it with live camera function

Import PPT into HiTeach for teaching and pair with live camera function

Directly use PPT to teach and pair with live camera function

Use live camera function and choose to display webcam

• Retake IRS

Retake IRS means that after students answered an IRS question, teachers can show statistical results, conduct further teaching, or let students discuss among themselves, and let students answer the question again. Teachers can then compare the statistical results of the two responses.

In HiTeach 5, students' feedback will be automatically collected in the data interactive area, and after the second answer, you can check the data and see how students' thinking has changed, and even allow teachers to ask in-depth questions or clarify misconceptions.

View change of student's answer: From 3 and 4 to 1, 3, and 4

View change of student's answer: From 1 and 3 to 1, 3, and 4

• Statistical Charts and Smart Pick-out

After students use Web IRS or IRS clicker/keypad to answer teacher's questions, HiTeach 5's Smart Pick-out function allows teachers to further pick students based on answer options or from students who answered correctly, etc. For example, pick students according to bar chart - options, pie chart - correct or incorrect, bar chart – whether the students change their answer, pie chart - second-time answer... In this way, it allows teachers to be more flexible in their pedagogical application in the classroom.