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HiTeach 5 International Pioneer User Challenge !

HiTeach 5 International Pioneer User Challenge !

Many people like to ask a common question : "How does HiTeach 5 compares with other engagement software or system available in the market.
Our response is, HiTeach 5 brings together
1. Flexibility of multiple-engagement strategies
2. Seamless Classroom / Online / Blended Teaching Approaches
3. Live Engagement Data Usage integrated with Assignment Tasks
4. Easy creation of Assessment Question Bank with MS Word
5. Multiple Assessment Strategies (Formative / Summative)
6. Flipped Classroom Teaching Features
7. Smart Desktop Recording of Teaching Process (Latest!)

Anything else you need? Speak to us and we will make it happen!
Join us for the International HiTeach 5 PIONEER USER CHALLENGE invitation!

HABOOK Group's Professional Development Wing - Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute proudly presents:
2021 HiTeach 5 International Pioneer User Challenge!
We created the revolutionary HiTeach 5 in 2021!
We challenge Educators to fight Covid with Smarter Classroom!
We partner you along this journey towards Smarter Educational Excellence!
Be part of HiTeach 5 Pioneer User Challenge Phase 2!
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Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute proudly Presents HiTeach 5 International Pioneer User Challenge (Phase 1)

Prof Power Wu and TEAM HABOOK present to the International Smarter Education Community : The 4As of Effective Engagement Lesson Design.


Allocation of learning resources plays an important role to facilitate thinking and interaction of learners


Teachers throwing THINKING RESOURCES to spark-off critical thinking among learners.


Allocation of LEARNING RESOURCES like worksheets to facilitate learners engagement.


Activities are strategic engagement tools where teachers can manipulate to capture involvement and collaboration among learners.


A simple quiz question may help teachers to identify learning gaps among learners and implement progressive assessment for learning approaches to promote progressive learning gains.


Activities also facilitate Critical Thinking and Response Presentation.


Buzz-In activity has always been very successful in motivating classroom participation.


Assignments are student-centric tasks that provides opportunities for every individual to participate as well as promoting collaborative learning.


Simple task assignment could give rise to differentiated concept presentation even though the submission looks similar.


LATEST FEATURE where learners could even submit VOICE RECORDING as their submission. An effective tools especially for Language teaching.


Differentiated teaching strategies could be easily implemented by a strategic combination of ACTIVITY & ASSIGNMENT.


Using ACTIVITY to engage learners to find out their thinking and preferences.


By assigning Differentiated Assignment tasks, learners could benefit from peer exchange and collaborative discussion.


Challenging task that give rise to varied answers could be easily analysed and allow teachers to identify learning gaps.


Sharing of learners' work presentations allow teachers to effectively identify the errors and share the solution effectively.


Assessment comes in multiple form: "During Lesson", "End of Lesson" as well as Pre or Post Lesson Self-Directed Assessment.


A very simple way to convert all existing text assessment papers into individual digital question bank in IES, that allows teachers to "PICK" & "CREATE" Assessment of different combination.


Syncronised Self-Paced assessment module allow teachers to organise assessment work effectively and produce analysed data immediately after the assessment for IMMEDIATE POST-ASSESSMENT analysis teaching with the learners.

A very user-friendly interface that will convey any digital mobile devices with access to internet into a digital answering sheet.


Analysed data available immediately for teachers to capture that GOLDEN TEACHABLE MOMENT to rectify the critical learning points.

TEAM Model HiTeach 5 : Effective - Efficient - Exciting SMARTER TEACHING STRATEGIES!


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