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Congratulations to Prof. Power Wu for receiving the highest honor in the academic field, the "Mudor Award"

The best and brightest from various educational societies in Taiwan gathered at National Taiwan Normal University

Wen-Chung Pan, the Minister of the Ministry of Education, presented the Mudor Award, the highest honor in the academic field

Prof. Power Wu is the founder of HABOOK Group and the honorary chairman of the Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association. With the philosophy of education without distinction, he founded the TEAM Model smarter education brand and system, which has been marketed worldwide to promote innovative smart education, committed to the research of smart education for more than 20 years. With a determined attitude, TEAM Model continues to promote the innovation of technology in teaching and learning, changing lesson learning style, and practicing modern learning concepts (e.g., TBSL, cooperative group learning, learning community, Sharestart, PBL, etc.). Power deserves this honor, and the TEAM Model team is honored as well, congratulation Power!

Prof. Power Wu received the Mudor Award for recognition!
The award was presented by Wen-Chung Pan, the Minister of the Ministry of Education.

The Mudor Award is an annual award for outstanding contributions and achievements in education and academics. Congratulations to all the Mudor Award recipients!
Collated Professor Power's keywords for innovative education are as follows:
#TBSL (Effective Interaction, Synchronized Differentiation, Autonomy Under Group Learning)
#Teacher Professional Development Scaffolding (Smarter Teacher, Smarter Model, Smarter Lecture)
#Smarter Teacher RICS (Reflect, Inquiry, Competition, Share)
#Smarter Model TPCK (Technology, Pedagogy, Content)
#Smarter Lecture DIA (Teaching Demonstration, Learning Insight, Lecture Adaptability)
#Digital Lesson Observation
#AI Education Big Data
#Accumulated tens of thousands of Sokrates research lessons


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About the Mudor Award
The Mudor Award was established in 1987 by Weifan Guo, who was then an Executive Yuan Official and Chairman of the China Education Society. Over the past 40 years, many well-known scholars have received the award, such as Chih-Min Tang, former Commissioner of the Department of Education in Taipei City, and Rui-Hsiung Chang, President of National Taipei University of Business, who are well-known figures in the education field.