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TEAM Model on the International Stage | The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS)

The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) International Conference (WALS 2021) was held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2. The session "Enhance teacher learning and promote curriculum reforms through AI-supported lesson study" was hosted by Prof. Rongjin Huang, an expert in lesson research at Middle Tennessee State University, and five research teams from three time zones around the world were invited to present three research papers and the research results on the theoretical and technical foundations, lesson cases, and teacher professional development based on the TEAM Model platform as the lesson research tool.

TEAM Model leads the world from support system to academic philosophy, with complete solutions to help teachers teach, students learn, and promote teacher professional development. From traditional to digital, from manual to AI, TEAM Model innovates Digital Lesson Observation tools and models, and uses AI and education big data to collect more than 100,000 smarter lessons on the research platform for teachers' professional communities and accumulate rich lesson resources as valuable assets for lesson research.

TEAM Model team was on-site in Taiwan to take questions and answers from participating experts, jointly do lesson study through AI artificial intelligence

The TEAM Model team was honored to be invited by Professor Rongjin Huang to present Enhance teacher learning and promote curriculum reforms through AI-supported lesson study with professors from Middle TN State University, Southwest University, and Sichuan Normal University.

We are honored and thankful to the international professors for their recognition of the TEAM Model system, which has helped us to promote education innovation and education technology research and development.

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The topics and presenters are as follows

  Chair: Rongjjin Huang, Middle TN State University, USA

  Paper 1
TEAM Model Platform foundation, structure, functions
Prof. Power Wu, Founder of TEAM Model

  Paper 2
Participants-oriented and Data-driven Lesson Observation: Analysis and Its Impact on Teachers’ Noticing and Reflection
Jian Liao, Ying Chen, and Chunwen Tan, Southwest University, China

  Paper 3
Teacher Professional Development and School Development through Networking Lesson Study Communities: A Case Study
Ning Rui, Feng Wenyi, and Cao Li, Sichuan Normal University, China
Huang Minli, Ma Hongtao, and Feng Lian, Chengdu Normal Yindu Wisteria Primary School, China

  Discussant: Dr. James Calleja, Universita of Malta

TEAM Model platform | The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS2021)

Under the global trend of competence-oriented education, TEAM Model will develop more teaching-related applications to realize the student-centered, one-to-one education, and the achievement of every child.
We also invite all those who are interested in AI and education big data application in lesson research and practice to contact us and promote education development together!