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Research on TEAM Model in Improving the Academic Performance of Students: Students' performance improves 12 points!

Bayorbor National High School of Batangas, Philippines, a school of the Pre-service teacher preparation and AI Innovation Academy, has released the data of teaching research using the Team Model AI HiTeach Smarter Teaching System: The Mean Percentage Score (MPS) for the experimental group is 90.992 and 78.888 for the control group, a difference of 12 points! This is an astounding difference and an exciting result of the teaching experiment.

Thanks to Sir Oliver R. Guevarra and Mam Romana Glenda S. Langmay for sharing the results of their teaching research during the pandemic.

HiTeach online distance learning teaching research results
The Mean Percentage Score (MPS) for the experimental group is 90.992 and 78.888 for the control group
t-Test shows the academic performance of the experimental group is significantly different from the control group 

Assessment of students using 4-Point Rating Scale
Since 1999, TEAM Model has been conducting experimental studies on teaching and learning, including short-term, one-year, three-year (middle school), and six-year (elementary school) experiments, experimental and control groups, and large-scale school-wide implementation. Various experimental models have consistently demonstrated that the introduction of the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom (IRS Interactive Terminal for Students) can significantly improve student learning achievement.

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