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AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform Operating Process

AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform is the world's leading and original smarter lesson hands-on training platform, applying AI to assist teacher professional enhancement and accelerate teacher professional development. Schools/organizations that have implemented HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, or teacher professional communities participating in the TEAM Model Collaborative Teacher Development Project can use this training platform. With the assistance of AI, each practice exercise will provide immediate feedback on the data features of teaching behaviors and produce complete lesson videos, and teachers use these automatically generated data to more quickly refine and optimize teaching models.

The main functions of the practice training platform include obtaining HiTeach serial number, recording videos, submitting works, and reviewing works.

1. Obtain training authorization serial number
Teachers teams participating in AI-assisted practice training will be notified separately of the serial number of HiTeach 5 (pro. authorization) for hands-on training. The procedure for obtaining the serial number is as follows (also shown in Picture 1):

① Open HiTA 5 app, select My Sokrates.
② After displaying the My Sokrates page, select the Notification icon.
③ Open the training serial number notification to obtain the serial number.
④ Open HiTeach Assistant on your PC, enter the serial number, and click OK.
Picture 1: Obtain authorization serial number and input in HiTeach

After activating the HiTeach software license, you can view the details of the license, as shown in Picture 2.
Picture 2: View software license content
2. Start Lesson
Select the S button (the function that can automatically generate Sokrates videos), and after the Sokrates lesson observation window appears, set relevant settings, then select Video setting to test whether the recording and audio are normal, and finally click Start to start the teaching practice, as shown in Picture 3.

Picture 3: Select S to start the lesson
3. End Lesson and View Video
The lesson content will be automatically recorded, including the teaching behavior data and video recording. Click End Lesson when you are finished with the lesson, and the list of lesson records appears as the system automatically uploads the data. After the upload is completed, select the Sokrates icon to view the Sokrates Video, as shown in Picture 4.
Picture 4: End lesson and go to view Sokrates Video

After the Sokrates Video information appears, select the Video button to view it, as shown in Picture 5.

Picture 5: View the Sokrates Video
4. Submitting Work (Lesson Video)
After several practice sessions, participants in the hands-on training can submit their lesson video for feedback from the course instructors or experts. The process is as follows:
① Select the Notifications icon on the My Sokrates page, as shown in Picture 6. 
Picture 6: Entering the task page

② After the task page appears, select the video you want to add, as shown in Picture 7.

Picture 7: Select the work (lesson video) to be submitted

③ Submit the Video and you have completed the task, as shown in Picture 8.

Picture 8: Confirm submit video and task completion
5. Instructors Review Work
Designated course instructors or specialists will receive Reviewing Notification. Review work process is as follow:
① After logging in to My Sokrates page, select the Notifications icon, as shown in Picture 9.
② Go to work reviewing page.

Picture 9: Instructor login and go to work review

③ Select the video to view the submitted Sokrates Video (lesson video/work).
④ Click Scores and the scoring page will be displayed.
⑤ After entering all the reviewing indexes, the system will automatically send a notification of the completion of the review to the participant.
Picture 10: Select a video to play and enter the reviewing indexes

⑥ After reviewing, you can select Edit to modify your review results, as shown in Picture 11.

Picture 11: Edit Results

 6. Use HiTA App on a smartphone to observe the platform lesson examples

HiTA TEAM Model Teacher app can automatically link to TEAM Model-related platforms. The following shows how to use the HiTA App to observe rich lesson examples on the Sokrates Channels.

① Join TBSL School Channel
Select My Sokrates from the HiTA home page to automatically log in to the Sokrates Channels (platform). The platform will automatically invite users who are logging into the Sokrates platform for the first time to join the TBSL School Channel in order to observe and experience the rich lesson resources on the platform, as shown in Picture 12.

Picture 12: Join the TBSL School Channel

② View Lesson Examples
On the My Sokrates page, you can view recommended lessons, latest lessons, or use keywords to search for the lesson you want to view, as shown in Picture 13.

Picture 13: Recommended, Latest, and Search Lesson Videos

③ Exclusive Channel's Lesson Examples
On the My Sokrates page, select the name of an exclusive channel to enter it, and you can filter the lesson resources by category, subject, and grade level, as shown in Picture 14.

Picture 14: Exclusive Channel