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New AI Text Analysis Module and AI Sokrates Summary Notice are available for free for a limited time!

TEAM Model is launching the new AI Text Analysis and AI Sokrates Summary Notice, and you can get them for free directly by participating in the event now. Whether it is HiTeach 5 (pro. authorization) or HiTeach 928 (Educational charity authorization), both are open for immediate experience. Let AI enrich your teaching!

HiTeach 5 is the world's only smarter classroom teaching software equipped with
multiple AI engines, integrating three major teaching functions including interactive whiteboard function, teacher-student interaction function, and learning assessment function, fully supporting a complete teaching system including interactive learning, task learning, multivariate assessment, differentiated learning, and other modern educational concepts.

HiTeach 5 has been refined for over 20 years and is suitable for one student - one tablet environment, TBL collaborative learning environment for groups, online and offline hybrid teaching environment, and IRS Instant Response System clicker/keypads environment, helping teachers implement interactive one-to-one teaching situations in all variety of learning environments.

How to get the dual AI?


In a student-tablet environment, when a large amount of text data is flooding in from the students, how can the teacher quickly respond, review, and comment?

This not only tests the teacher's eyesight, but also the teacher's experience and wisdom in text classification. But now, with the application of HiTeach's AI-assisted Text Analysis function, not only can it reduce the burden on teachers, but also greatly enhance the effectiveness of teaching decisions. (is also available for HiTeach 928)  

►Learn more about AI Text Analysis

What is AI Sokrates Summary Notice?

AI Sokrates Summary Notice is one of the data services of the AI Sokrates system. Every time a user uses HiTeach to conduct an interactive lesson, the system will automatically send a notification to HiTA 5 after the lesson is over, providing the Technology Interaction (T) index and Technology Function Triggered Times of the lesson, referred to as AI Sokrates Summary Notice. It provides immediate feedback on the technology application preference and index of each lesson, and accelerate the familiarization of HiTeach technology interaction function, acting as an AI coach that accompanies users to enhance their interactive applications.

Learn more about Technology Interaction (T) index

How to participate in the event to get it for free?

1. Go to the App store on your smartphone and download HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app (Note: If you already have this App, then please update to HiTA 5.2.6 or above)

2. Register a TEAM Model account, and after logging in, click the Explore tab, and then click to enter the Dual AI Gadgets application activity page. Please complete the personal information fields first, and then click the Experience Now button; if old users who have previously completed the fields for filling in their personal information can directly click the Experience Now button to complete a new application or extend their rights for one year.

free-apply activity of the Dual AI gadgets (AI Text Analysis + AI Sokrates Summary Notice)

3. After applying for the services, click Home, then click on More and you will see that you have access to these two additional AI services for HiTeach!

Check the Authorization in HiTA

*Note: In order to use these two AI features in HiTeach, it is necessary to log in with your TEAM Model account as the additional service is linked to your personal account.

You can also check the service status on the computer where HiTeach is installed. Open HiTeach Agent on your PC, log in with your TEAM Model account (if you are already logged in, please log out and then log in again), and then click Exclusive Benefits, you will see the exclusive benefits that are activated under your account. (Please note: This application must be paired with HiTeach 5.0.15 or higher. Please refer to this article to learn more about how to update HiTeach)